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Measure For Measure: Secrets Of Laurel Canyon

When we’re “in the zone,” we can do no wrong. The zone is a state of relaxed, yet intensely focused attention in which performance thrives and creativity soars. Athletes seek it. Songwriters, too. In the zone, words and music flow without effort. You’re not so much writing as taking dictation.  Sometimes the zone settles on […]

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How Songwriters Can Make Money While Waiting To Earn From Published Music

When starting out in the music business, there will be a waiting period before a songwriter earns his or her first dollar. In fact, having spent money on recording a song and hiring a music producer, you will be operating...

Songwriter U: Charting Power Ballads on Guitar

We’ve charted quite a few Americana and country songs in this column, but here’s something a little different: a chart for a “power ballad.”

Songwriter U: Pop Chord Progressions Using The I-IV-V

A lot of the elements that make pop music successful relate to it being catchy and familiar. As a songwriter, there are many ways to engender this feeling in listeners, to do with song structure, instrumentation, lyrical...

Gordon Kennedy, Writer of Eric Clapton Hit “Change the World,” Gives Advice for Songwriters

Gordon Kennedy has quite the resume. He is a multi-Grammy Award winning songwriter and record producer, a talented guitarist, and is widely considered to be a Nashville legend. Kennedy is most known for his hit song "Change The World,” recorded...

ASCAP Experience Q&A With Chart-Topping Songwriter, Brett James

On Tuesday evening we sat down with hit-maker Brett James before he performed for the 2nd Annual ASCAP Experience ‘In The Round at the Bluebird Café’.   James has a laundry list of No. 1 tracks, including “Blessed”...

The Story Behind The Song, “Change the World” by Eric Clapton

The Story Behind the Song: "Change the World" Written by Gordon Kennedy, Tommy Sims, Wayne Kirkpatrick Recorded by Eric Clapton A Q&A with Gordon Kennedy When and where did you guys write “Change the World?"     It began in Nashville’s Omni Studio A in 1991....

How to Write Piano Accompaniment for a Song

Being able to create your own music in an integral part to becoming a great musician. Having been a musician myself for 18 years, I know firsthand how exciting and rewarding it can be to write your...

Songwriter U: The Writing Process

If there's one approach to writing songs that works every time, I still haven't found it. There are, of course, those rare times where you're inspired and it all just comes to you effortlessly. But those times...

How Songwriters Can Find Musicians To Collaborate On Their Songs

Music has always been about collaboration. Some people have a way with words, while others have the skills to play one or more instruments. And there are still others who have a knack for putting it all...

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