Air Apparent Brings Energy That Bursts at the Seams

When you think electro-pop music, you typically think pulsating rhythms, big, loud dance beats and energy bursting at the seams. In large part, that’s pretty spot on but when it comes to Air Apparent, there can be another side.

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An Indian-American producer based out of San Francisco, Air Apparent’s foray into electronic music is not what you might consider typical. His musical roots don’t lie in programs like GarageBand or with a mixing software on his laptop. Instead, the Atlanta native grew up in Atlanta playing piano at an early age, actively singing in small vocal performances at church and playing in an orchestra. It wasn’t until he got to college that he began DJ’ing at a radio station that he began making sample-based music. Artists like James Blake, Anderson Paak, Purity Ring and Japanese Breakfast served as influences while the music of Kanye and J Dilla led AA down his path.

Eventually Air forged his own scope coming to a head in the form of his first EP Imaginary. While much of his material is built on high energy, this dynamically versatile DJ / producer at times will break ranks with songs like “Sorry (featuring Krysta Youngs)” to offer up a different feel.

This song was meant to capture the feeling of falling for someone suddenly, feeling like you’re young again and letting your guard down completely (even if you thought you were jaded by past heartbreak). Sometimes you meet someone that resets it all for you, and you feel naive, young, and so consumed with a person again despite having learned from your past heartbreak.”

Collaborating with Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross, Air was in good company as these two know their way around a hit having partnered together previously as part of the songwriting crew that co-wrote BTS’ smash single “On.” Youngs and Ross took the initial idea and from that created the topline melody. After the pieces of the puzzle were put together back in the city by the Bay, it was back to LA for the finishing piece.

“Production took place in San Francisco.  Justin Ashar, Pug Life Records label founder, was an executive producer on the record and guided the direction.  Finally, we filmed the video in Los Angeles.”

As for his hopes for the song, it’s really quite simple. Pure joy. That’s it. To bring a smile to someone’s face.

“I hope people can resonate with the meaning of the song, smile, and maybe even sing along.”

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