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Daily Discovery: Emily Zuzik Releases New Single, “Trouble”

"Trouble" is a raw muscular power chord delight that recalls the best of 90’s era Sheryl Crow, with a storyline of someone who’s ready to jump into the game of love and, if need be, duke it out.

Daily Discovery: The Cuckoos Highlight their Psychedelic Sound on ‘I Hate Love’

Hailing from Austin, Texas, four-piece band The Cuckoos are rooted in classic rock and 70’s funk sound that certainly goes against the grain from a traditional band coming out of the Texas town that is well known for producing...

Daily Discovery: Jeremi Duran Releases “Don’t Take It So Seriously” Off Forthcoming EP

Nashville indie rocker Jeremi Duran has released a music video for his infectiously catchy new single “Don’t Take It So Seriously.”  The D.I.Y. production finds Duran playing multiple roles in a tongue-in-cheek one man...

Daily Discovery: Purr Mixes Folk and Flare with Adventure-Track, “Avenue Bliss”

With a sound that is reminiscent of a 1960’s folk group like The Mamas & The Papas, New York City duo Purr is honoring the organic genre of American Folk while putting their own unique twist on it. Eliza...

Daily Discovery: Mercury Slim Releases Reassuring Single, “Polka Dot Shoes”

Anyone who has even flirted with the idea of getting into the music industry knows the hardships that come with it. There’s long hours, no pay, and lots of days where you might just feel like packing up and...

Daily Discovery: Pete Mancini Addresses Somber Topic in “Back in Bakersfield”

Bakersfield, California has always been known as a mysterious musical paradise with stars like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard at the forefront of the Bakersfield sound. Owens and Haggard among others help create a certain sound that had not...

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Hometown Rising Festival Rises to the Occasion with a Star-Studded Lineup

Blake Shelton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Clint Black, Carrie Underwood, Dierks Bentley and more scheduled to appear.