The Black Keys “Unknown Brother”

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“Unknown Brother”

Though I never met you
And we spoke not a word
I’ll never forget you
Through stories that I’ve heard
For you unknown brother
My baby’s mother is pained
Cause your soul is in heaven
But your memory remains

Unknown, unknown brother
I’ll meet you someday
Unknown, unknown brother
We’ll walk through fields where children play

Your eyes shined bright
When you were a kid
Your sisters loved you
And all that you did
Big brother, big brother
Don’t worry a bit
Your flame has not faded
Since the day it was lit

Your life
Was joy
Your mama’s
Only boy
And when the skies
Are blue
Big brother
They’re blue for you

We’ll smile like pictures
Of you as a boy
Long before you retired
To heavenly joy

Written by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney

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