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The blues might be the quintessential American musical genre. Born out of hope for the future and a recognition of the dark, at times, inhumane past, the genre has spawned big names, important music, and even more genres in its wake, including jazz, rock, and even rap.

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Today, one of the last links to the blues important past is guitarist Buddy Guy (read more with the artist HERE). Indeed, the past is important to learn from. Without studying it, we are doomed to either forget it or repeat it.

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Guy, who was born in 1936 in rural Louisiana, made his name in Chicago playing with some of the most important blues artists of all time, including Muddy Waters. He’s a hero to many, from Jimi Hendrix to Jeff Beck. He’s since worked with artists like Gary Clark Jr. and Van Morrison. His latest LP is the standout offering, The Blues Don’t Lie, which he released last year in 2022, featuring artists like Jason Isbell and Mavis Staples.

Today, there is no bigger proponent of the blues than Guy. So, below, we wanted to dive into the 86-year-old Guy’s Top 10 songs.

1. “Blues Don’t Care”

From Guy’s 16th studio album, Rhythm & Blues, this song features the modern blues guitar player Gary Clark Jr. The album itself was released in 2013 and it earned Guy the largest first-week sales in his career. It was his fourth LP to hit No. 1 on the Top Blues Albums Chart. And the song with Clark Jr. features riffs, piano, and boisterous singing.

2. “Tramp”

From Guy’s 11th studio album, Sweet Tea, this song was released in 2001. The album was nominated for a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album. And this track in particular, which is nearly seven minutes, features what made Guy famous: his combination of blues music and lighting strike tones. It’s a flawless performance of psychedelic soloing.

3. “Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues”

The title track to Guy’s seventh studio album, which dropped in 1991. Many thought that LP was something of a “comeback” record for Guy. The album was later reissued in 2005, featuring two bonus tracks. The song itself, which was written by Guy, opens the album. It also showcases his knack for electrified blues music that sounds like neon rain falling.

4. “Stone Crazy”

A more traditional blues song, “Stone Crazy” has echoes of B.B. King. The track is the title song from the 1979 album, which was Guy’s fourth studio LP. It features quick soloing and wailing vocals from Guy.

5. “My Time After a While

From the 1969 music documentary, Supershow, “My Time After a While,” performed by Guy, showcases his tenderness, touch, and of course, talent as a six-string player. Check out the live performance below. Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and more were also involved in the historic concert film.

6. “Baby Please Don’t Leave Me”

The second song from Guy’s 2001 album, Sweet Tea, this song was originally written by American blues artist Junior Kimbrough. The song itself showcases one of Guy’s best guitar solos of all time. It’s hypnotic, emotive and pure.

7. “Sit and Cry the Blues”

A stand-alone single released by Guy in 1958, “Sit and Cry the Blues” portends much to come from the soon-to-be-groundbreaking artist.

8. “First Time I Met the Blues”

Another stand-alone single from Guy, “First Time I Me the Blues” was released in 1960 on the historic Chess Records, a company Guy had a long and tumultuous relationship with. This track features a blistering guitar solo.

9. “Skin Deep”

The title track to Guy’s 14th studio LP, which was released in 2008, this song is a bit slower and more mellow than others on this list. It even boasts a country & western feel. On it, Guy sings vulnerably about judgment and treating people right.

10. “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

A solo single released by Guy in 1967, this song is a rendition of the classic nursery rhyme (which you can read more about HERE). Of course, Guy rocks it.

Photo: Paul Natkin / RCA Records

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