The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow Premieres “Hey Lady” in Advance of Album Release


The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow has made its presence known in Americana music by blending a classic rock sound with its roots-folk vibe and mixing in the influence of James Taylor, among others.

The five singer-songwriters from Massachusetts recently teamed up with Johnny Irion — an exceptionally talented songwriter on his own accord — to produce its latest album, ‘Band Together’ which is set to release on Jan. 7, 2020.

In support of its release, the band is premiering a video to “Hey Lady” exclusively on American Songwriter — which can be seen below.

The concept was born while in attendance at the 2017 New York City Women’s Rights March. A gathering that Billy Keane said shaped the course of the track and the production.

“So solidarity is really the crux of the song, and the video,” he told American Songwriter. “A full understanding of the challenges faced by folks with different backgrounds and experiences than my own would be impossible, however I don’t think that gives us an excuse to ignore the problem, or to sit on the sidelines.  That’s what I was trying to get at in writing Hey Lady

“I’m hoping it comes across as more than an acknowledgement, as more than a patronizing “I hear you”.  It’s intended as a kind of battle cry, an anthem promoting the support of a cause so long in it’s history that it’s become woven into the fabric of our American legacy as deeply as the stars and stripes on our flag. 

“The video concept was quick in the making; When Dylan and I first brainstormed the idea, we knew we wanted some band shots, but the majority needed to be march footage and the portrait series.  As like the song, the video would need to resonate as an anthem, inspiring and momentum-building.  Carrie Wright’s direction of the portrait series – engaging the subjects with conversation relating to their experiences as woman, current events, and thoughts of the future – broke down any facade blocking the truth that exists beneath the natural shell many of us develop in front of the camera. Dylan was able to take clips from between the questions and answers to find those beautifully honest moments that are now a part of the video.”

The lyrics convey the peaceful but powerful message of support towards a cause that has inspired and humbled many.

The tracks were recorded to tape using a vintage Studer mixing console that Irion hauled cross country from Jackson Browne’s LA studio. The album has the fingerprints of the legends who inspired the band all over it while staying true to the the topical songwriting that has become a stable of the band. The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow has maintained an impressive ability to share its socially conscious message while not becoming cliche or pandering to melodramatic fringes.

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow is set to perform an album release party at The Stationery Factory on Thanksgiving Weekend – Saturday November 30, 2019 — with more information being available here.


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