Tito Jackson Talks About The Jackson 5 and Working with Natalia Damini on New Single, “Attitude”

The latest song, “Attitude,” by rising sensation Natalia Damini and music legend Tito Jackson, an original member of the Jackson 5 (later the Jacksons), is sure to make waves.

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The funky song with floating vocals and lots of, well, attitude is here to give you the courage to go into the unknown and bounce with the beat, shake with the bright guitars, and let the drums move your feet forward.

“Attitude was written about seeing someone you like, but not having the courage to take the first step,” says Damini, whose previous single “Crazy” charted at No. 1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

American Songwriter caught up with Damini’s collaborator to talk about his relationship with the rising star, his history in music (working, of course, with The Jacksons), and much more. “The world needs to know about Natalia Damini,” says the 69-year-old, Gary, Indiana-born Jackson.

American Songwriter: How did you link up with Natalia for this song?

Tito Jackson: Natalia’s manager Charve The Don and I are very good friends and I think she’s very talented, that’s kind of how it happened.

AS: What is the message of the song, and why is it special to you?

TJ: “Attitude” is a great song about seeing someone you’re attracted to and having the confidence to approach them. When I first heard the song, it had a Jackson’s vibe to it, and the melody and chorus had the attitude that Natalia came up with.

AS: What do you love most about songwriting and how did you enjoy that love on this particular track?

TJ: Just being able to share what’s in your heart, or what you’re going through. Being able to share that with other people is special.

AS: As a young person, when did music first enter your life and what made you want to invest in it?

TJ: Watching my father and uncle Luther play guitars. It was creative and fun, and I got to meet a lot of people.

AS: You’re obviously part of an historic musical family. What does this mean to you, in terms of preserving the Jackson legacy and name?

TJ: It’s very important for people to remember the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons. It means everything to me, and what we contributed to music led to the birth of many known artists today.

AS: There is a new Michael Jackson biopic in the works and Janet Jackson released a documentary last year—what is it like for you to remember and relive the past through these works?

TJ: My brothers and I are very involved in Michael Jackson’s biopic, and I was also in Janet’s documentary. I don’t actually relive things from my past. I’m just very thankful for the great contribution that our family has made in music worldwide.

AS: What is your favorite musical memory in your career?

TJ: Being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

AS: What are you working on these days?

TJ: I’m working on a new album hopefully to be released sometime this year.

AS: What do you love most about music?

TJ: The feeling it gives you—there’s a song for every emotion. When you write a song, it can touch so many people.

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