Music Supervisors Panel Enlightens Nashville

L to R: Dave Parker, Julia Michels, Dave Jordan, Anastasia Brown, Julianne Jordan, Rachel Levy and Jojo Villanueva. On May 21, 821 Entertainment Group President Anastasia Brown (music supervisor for Footloose, August Rush, Taken) moderated the Nashville Screenwriters Conference’s annual “Music In the Movies” panel. Sponsored by Ole, one of the world’s largest independent music publishers, the event took place at the Country Music Hall of Fame and was well attended by songwriters, publishers, producers, songpluggers, artists and others seeking a foot in door of Hollywood’s music department. Featured panelists included music supervisors Julia Michels (Sex and the City 1&2, The Blind Side, The Devil Wears Prada), Dave Jordan (Captain America, Iron Man 1&2, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle), Julianne Jordan (Hop, Valentine's Day, Mr. And Mrs. Smith), Rachel Levy (Little Fockers, Fast and Furious 5, Change Up), Jojo Villanueva (Prom, Arthur, Marmaduke) and Dave Parker, a highly-regarded indie publisher with more than 100 placements this year. There were some common threads that ran through the discussion—as far as dos, don'ts, and other things to be conscious of—for those searching out song placement opportunities. Here’s what resonated most: • Do your research before reaching out to music supervisors. Know exactly what project they are working on and what kind of music they are looking for. If you send them something that contradicts what they need,... Sign In to Keep Reading

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