Guest Blog: Adam Duritz Of Counting Crows

SXSW has come and gone, and for Adam Duritz, frontman for alt-rock icons Counting Crows, this year's fest was a pleasant blur of music, friends, and questionable meat products. The Crows, who will release their new all-covers album Underwater Sunshine on April 10, headed to Austin to headline a free show and record a live session for Daytrotter. Here's how Duritz remembers it: Wed March 14 11:43AM Driskill Hotel Rm 1106 Wow. I do not feel good. There is something on the bedside table that looks like a roasted dinosaur leg and the bad taste in my mouth leads me to believe I was smoking old tennis shoes last night. This is awesome. I have a drill-bit headache, I spent the night next to Fred Flintstone's leftovers, and...and now I can only find one shoe. Great. Dated Tues March 13 9PM We Are Augustines & Band of Skulls at Antone's We Are Augustines was freaking incredible last night. They knocked me out. I stood there in Antone's with my pals Ryan Spaulding of Ryan's Smashing Life ( and Chris "@ElectricPencils" Fullerton watching slack-jawed while their songs just smashed into us one after another. That was some seriously majestic shit from a 3-piece band. More than that, there were things at stake! When they lit into "Book of James" and Rob started smacking his snare drum, the look on Billy McCarthy's face told me all I ever needed to know about what these songs mean to him and what they should mean to us. As he sang his keen to his lost brother, I thought of all the songs and all the shows and all the times I held my head up to a microphone to scream out at all the... Sign In to Keep Reading

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