Music Business Roundup: Pandora vs. BMI Explained, Soundcloud Streaming, & More

Selena Pandora's Payment to BMI Explained Following last week's decision regarding Pandora paying BMI, the judge that was on the case explained why it was decided that 2.5% of revenue was the right amount. For one thing, he made it clear that Pandora is a different kind of service compared to others such as Spotify and terrestrial radio. Another factor was that Pandora has not been profitable, due to the high costs of obtaining music and the small amount of advertising sold. Read More... SoundCloud Still Planning Streaming Service Even though more and more streaming services keep launching (Tidal and Apple's service this year), the music platform SoundCloud is said to still be planning to start one of their own by the end of this year. During a keynote speech, the founder talked about a subscription streaming service being part of SoundCloud's future. Read More... Shazam Launches Visual Recognition The popular music identifying app Shazam has announced a new feature: visual recognition. Similar to QR codes, the user can point their phone camera at a poster or billboard registered with the app and certain content will appear. This could be an interesting addition to advertising in the music industry. Sign In to Keep Reading

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