Randy Newman: Not Getting Worse

  image1-extralarge_1303922664294 Photo by Robb Bradley Randy Newman is despondent. It’s three months before the 2016 election, but the singer-songwriter has never felt more disconnected from the country he’s spent his life studying, exploring and dissecting in song. “A large part of this country has really drifted apart. We’ve drifted all right,” he says with a sigh during an interview this past July. “You tend to think you know the country a bit. It’s what I write about," he says. "It’s what I’m interested in, and I think I know a lot about it, and not just where I live, not just Hollywood. I know there’s fantastic life from coast to coast. I know the difference between Illinois and Mississippi. But I’m surprised by the amount of people that are for this guy. A lot of intelligent people are going to vote for him. I don’t understand it.” Before long, Newman begins reciting lyrics over the phone in his trademark growl to “My Dick’s Bigger Than Your Dick,” a song he wrote about Donald Trump and has, at least for the time being, decided to keep for himself: My dick’s bigger than your dick It ain’t lying if it’s true My dick’s bigger than your dick And I can prove it, too It’s no surprise that President Trump would eventually serve as the narrator of a song penned by Randy Newman, a songwriter who’s spent the better part of the last half-century turning popular music on its head with the simple, staggering notion that the protagonist of a pop song need not be decent, remotely sympathetic, or even mentally stable, let alone relatable. From the reactionary good ol’ boy narrating 1974’s “Rednecks,” to the... Sign In to Keep Reading

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