Watch a Proud Loretta Lynn Embrace a Young Emmy Russell in Pre-‘American Idol’ Performance

While it seems like season 22 of American Idol just started, the show is already promoting its Top 10. Over the last few weeks, judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan offered advice to numerous aspiring artists looking to become the next American Idol. With only ten contestants left, it seems that Emmy Russell’s dreams to follow the same path as her grandmother, Loretta Lynn, continue. And while nine other singers are looking to take home the same prize, many of them might not know that Russell once shared the stage with Lynn for a special performance. 

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For many singers who find themselves on American Idol, the lights and camera can be somewhat overwhelming. And while Russell still gets a little nervous when performing in front of an audience, music has been in her blood long before she was born. Taking a trip back to 2013, Russell took the stage with her iconic grandmother while performing in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 

Gaining over 50,000 views, fans offered praise and support for the rising star. Comments included, “What an amazing talented family you have Loretta Lynn. She beautiful. Beautiful song.” Another person added, “What an amazingly talented family!  Loretta must be so proud!!” 

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Katy Perry Helps Emmy Russell When It Comes To Fighting Nerves

Speaking about her connection with music and songwriting, Russell admitted on American Idol, “I’m a songwriter. It’s in my blood. When I was about 9, I wrote my first real song.” She added, “Whenever you share a song, it’s very vulnerable. Anything I feel, I write. It just starts coming out of me. I go to my iPhone and my piano – it is my best friend whenever it comes to music. I feel a melody, I go to my iPhone, record it. A lyric, go to it, record it.”

As for her time on American Idol, Russell continues to showcase her talent. But again, the nerves seem to always be present. Even Perry discussed her demeanor, stating, “I know you are just a little nervous, I just want more breath, more long notes. Girl, go swimming, learn how to hold your breath more, we need longer notes from Emmy and I know you have them. We need power, come on, let’s go, the time is now.”

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