3 Artists That Don Henley Dislikes

Don Henley is a musical great. As such, he has a respectable perspective on the music industry–both good and bad. Find three musicians Henley put on his bad list, below.

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3 Artists That Don Henley Dislikes

1. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean once remixed “Hotel California” for his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra. According to Henley– one of the songwriters–Ocean effectively stole his work, slapped on a few lyrics, and called it a day.

“Some of these young kids have grown up in a world that doesn’t understand or respect copyright material or intellectual property,” Henley once said, referencing Ocean. “They look at songs as interactive playthings.”

“I didn’t think [Ocean] was cool,” he continued. “I thought he was a talentless little prick. And I still do.”

2. Rush

When the Eagles were making their long awaited comeback, Henley decided to bolster their efforts by slighting another band. In his view, there weren’t many other bands that could’ve come back together after such a long hiatus.

“I can’t think of another band that has broken up for 14 years, then got back together and made a record,” Henley said at the time. “You do get bands like Rush getting back together. Yuck.”

Naturally, Rush wasn’t a fan of the jab. Neither were Rush fans.

3. Eagles

The relationship between many bandmates is often left shattered after a bad breakup and few band break ups have been as turbulent as the Eagles’. Though there doesn’t seem to be much tension between the current iteration of the band, their classic lineup was rife with disagreement.

Many things led to the Eagles’ 1980 break up. From creative differences to personal beef, we feel it’s safe to say that Henley disliked his bandmates from time to time in their heyday.

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