3 Collaborations With The Members of Heart That Truly Worked

Rock band Heart needs little introduction, and they also need little in the way of collaboration. The band has stood on the feet of vocalist Ann Wilson and guitarist Nancy Wilson without much help from anyone.

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That being said, the band has performed with other artists and even collaborated with them, and the pairings have worked out pretty well. Let’s take a look at three examples of Heart collaborations that truly worked.

1. Alice In Chains

Heart and Alice In Chains are from completely different eras (and genres), but that didn’t stop the two bands from performing live together and collaborating on music in 2019. It just seemed to work.

The two bands share their roots in Seattle, which might have something to do with it. Plus, Ann Wilson and Layne Staley’s vocal styles complement each other beautifully with a mix of powerful, emotive vocals from Wilson and gritty, haunting vocals from Staley. Just as well, hard rock and grunge (at least in this instance) just seem to work well together musically.

2. Rod Stewart

The Wilson sisters have attributed their work with Rod Stewart as a major contributor to their fame. The three artists also seem to have similar tastes and love for music, and both Wilson and Stewart have similarly adaptable and versatile vocal abilities.

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3. Sheryl Crow

Well, this is certainly not a pairing that anyone would expect. Oddly enough, Heart and Sheryl Crow’s performance together wasn’t half bad. When you put two strong female voices together, the result can be quite powerful. Their musical styles, while quite different from each other, created a sonic soundscape of rock and folk that translated beautifully during their sets.

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