What is Heart’s Heaviest Song? Here Are 3 Contenders

Heart’s had quite an eclectic career, with the pair Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson penning everything from hard rock tunes to soothing ballads to folk-inspired tracks. They’re not known for producing tracks that are particularly “hard”, especially when you consider the era in which they became big. However, Heart has a few songs under their belt that could be seen as their heaviest proto-metal tracks. Let’s take a look at three such songs.

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1. “Barracuda”

Their most legendary songs is also one of their heaviest, and “Barracuda” is such a hard song for a few reasons. To start, there’s the event that led to the song’s inception. Nancy has talked about one particular situation back in the early days of the band in which a sleazy promoter (or record executive, she couldn’t quite recall) insinuated that the Wilson sisters were lovers. This led to the anger-fuelled lyrics of the song. Couple that with driving guitar riffs, dynamic drumming, and aggressive energy, and you’ve got a heavy Heart track.

2. “Kick It Out”

This Heart song has a ton of attitude with lyrics that convey the rebel’s spirit and the need to kick out society’s grip on who we are. It’s defiant, independent, and loaded with a tough rhythm and electrifying guitar work from Nancy. It’s far from a heavy metal track, but it’s still quite heavy compared to the band’s other music.

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3. “Black On Black II”

The original “Black On Black” was a pop song written by Dalbello back in 1985. Heart’s version “Black On Black II” is a reimagining of the song with a much heavier feel. The song has heavier, thicker guitar riffs and forceful drumming, plus a prominent bassline that provides the perfect foundation for an almost grungey track. Plus, Ann’s vocals are raw on this song and its lyrics are rich in its dark atmosphere.

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