3 of the Best Paul McCartney Music Videos

Paul McCartney’s artistry knows no bounds. He’s excelled in several genres, spanned generations, and taken more risks than many musicians can boast. He’s also been known to deliver a stellar music video or two. We have an affinity for the three, below.

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1. “My Love”

The music video for “My Love” plays less like a narrative video–which most music videos would adopt when the ’80s came around. Instead, the visual sees McCartney and Wings play this song in a smoky, vibey room. The sentiment in this classic is made all the more bare by the addition of McCartney and his then-wife, Linda, doing a waltz to the swaying rhythm.

And when I go away
I know my heart can stay with my love
It’s understood
It’s in the hands of my love
And my love does it good

2. “Who Cares”

Any project will benefit from the addition of an Oscar-winning actress. Luckily for McCartney, Emma Stone agreed to play opposite him in the music video for “Who Cares.” Luckily for Stone, McCartney delivered with yet another banger. The music video is highly conceptual, but feels right in line with the mischief and creativity McCartney has been known for since the earliest days of his career.

It’s been left in the rain
Who cares what the idiots say
Who cares what the idiots do
Who cares about the pain in your heart?
Who cares about you?
I do

3. “Coming Up”

The music video for “Coming Up” feels markedly McCartney-ee. It’s just weird enough to warrant a double take, but his talent undoubtedly shines through the antics. On top of this song being a certified earworm, the music video certainly has its charms. Multiple McCartneys. A big band feel. An ounce of humor. What more could you want?

You want a love to last forever
One that will never fade away
I want to help you with your problem
Stick around, I say

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