4 Songs You Didn’t Know June Carter Wrote for Johnny Cash

Born on June 23, 1939, in Maces Spring, Virginia, June Carter Cash was one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. She came up with her family group the Carter Family and later enjoyed a solo career. She then went on to sing with her husband Johnny Cash.

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American Songwriter wanted to focus on her time with Cash. Those songs that she helped write, that also helped Cash earn and sustain his fame.

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Below are seven songs you likely didn’t know June Carter wrote for Johnny Cash.

1. “Rosanna’s Going Wild”

Written by Anita Carter, June Carter, Helen Carter

Written by sisters Anita, June, and Helen for June’s husband Johnny, this song was released in 1967 and hit No. 2 on the Billboard Country chart. For many, the track was a surprise hit, about a rebellious girl making her way in the world.

She’ll shake her head and swing her hips
How many more have kissed her lips
Rosanna, you’re not acting like a child
My Rosanna’s going wild
Her skirt is short
Her hair is long
And the beat goes on and on and on

2. “My Old Faded Rose”

Written by Johnny Cash, June Carter

Originally, “My Old Faded Rose” was an unreleased song from Cash, written by the husband and wife pair of Johnny and June. Later, the track, which was first recorded in 1964, landed on a compilation LP, Tall Man, released by Cash in 1979.

Oh, you have got them all hanging around
Like the fringes on your gown
You’re picking them up and a laying them low
My old faded rose
Was it me that said you’re getting old
And a losing your appeal
Was it me that said you’re growing cold
And I wanted another deal
Well, I see that you’re not wilted
But you never did let it show
Why didn’t I know about the fiery glow
In my old faded rose
My old faded rose

3. “Time and Time Again”

Written by Johnny Cash, June Carter

First released in 1964, “Time and Time Again” later appeared on several Cash compilation albums, including the 1969 More of Old Golden Throat and the 2012 offering, Johnny Cash: The Complete Columbia Album Collection.

I wish my heart was stone cause you’re hard on flesh and bone
But even if my heart was stone I couldn’t stand that long
Cause time and time again you’re gone with the wind
And even when you’re here I know you’re making plans to go
You come back and I take you back but you like the shifting sand
And like the sand you shift right through my hands
Time and time again I got you time and time again

4. “Happiness Is You”

Written by Johnny Cash, June Carter

The title track from Cash’s 1966 album, this three-minute song opens the album. While the record hit No. 10 on the country charts, it was never released on cassette or CD until 2012.

Way down the mountain I chased a moonbeam
On the beach I built sand castles too
My moonbeams faded my castles tumbled
All of this was meaningless ’cause happiness is you

No more chasing moonbeams or catching falling stars
I know now my pot of gold is anywhere you are
My heart won’t miss you my heart goes with you
Loneliness is emptiness but happiness is you

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