Chatham County Line: Wildwood

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Chatham County Line
Yep Roc
[Rating: 3.5 Stars]

On their 5th studio album, North Carolina string band Chatham County Line show no signs of ruining the good thing they’ve got going. Each album they’ve cranked out has been a keeper, and Wildwood is a grower, to say the least. Solid songwriting abounds; on “Ringing In My Ears,” they spin a host of hoary old rock and roll lyrics into a Dylan-esque stomper. “She said there’s 50 ways to leave your lover/I said your still crazy after all these years.” “Ghost Of Woody Guthrie” pays tribute to the holy muse and acknowledges that human suffering still persists. “Blue Jay Way” isn’t a Beatles cover; instead it’s a minor key meditation on love and loneliness with high-mountain-harmonies. The band chose to produce themselves this time around, a decision which seems to have borne fruit. Put Chatham County Line on your play list, pronto.

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