Adam Warner Pays Tribute to Family in New Album ‘Big Storm’

Starting young and learning to play the piano from both of his grandmothers, music has always been a part of Adam Warner’s life. After taking a break from music to join the U.S. Marines, Warner still brought his passion for the arts with him. Even if he wasn’t always playing country music, being creative and making music for people to enjoy is what Warner loves to do.

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“The most fun part for me is taking that music and being out on stage performing it for people,” Warner tells American Songwriter. 

Major stages of his life include growing up on a farm with his family and joining the Marine Corps. These moments in time were a big inspiration for the music on Warner’s upcoming album, Big Storm.

The previously released “4 Square Miles,” featured on the upcoming album, holds a special place in Warner’s heart because it’s a tribute to his family. 

“That’s the one that probably hits closest to home for me because I wrote that song about where I grew up and my family farm,” explains Warner. “Out of everything that I have released up until this point, that one has been the most well received.”

One man in particular was on his mind as he wrote this song—his grandfather, who got to hear “4 Square Miles” before he passed, but unfortunately, did not get to see the music video. Warner’s family, who’s been very supportive of his music, were not shy sharing their feelings about the song.

“That’s, of course, their favorite song, but it came out in a crazy time. My grandfather passed away about two months before we actually released it. He was definitely my number one fan,” adds Warner.

“Semper Fi,” written by Trace Adkins, is among the first tracks to be released from the album, along with “That’s How You Know You’re Livin.’” After asking Trace for permission to record the song, Adam ended up turning “Semper Fi” into a duet with the singer. The upcoming album also features the talents of songwriter and Hall of Fame member, Kim Williams, who wrote 5 songs on the project including the title track, “I Love Her, She Hates Me, I Drink” and “Devil in the Mirror.” 

While the title, Big Storm, evokes a powerful connotation, the title track adds a great liveliness when you hear it. Because of that, Warner says it gets a great response when played live. 

“The vibe of that song is just so high energy and has such a full sound to it,” Warner says. “The energy of that song is my favorite thing because it just drives the whole album.”

There’s a good chance these songs will be heard on Warner’s podcast, Beer:30, which finds Warner conducting interviews and having a couple of beers and maybe a bit of his favorite whiskey, WhistlePig, with fellow songwriters before taking a break to perform their songs live.

“Everybody is doing live streaming, so I wanted to figure out a way to make a more upscale show. A lot of people aren’t even able to get with their band right now and I’m lucky that all my guys still live here in Nashville,” says Warner. “On top of that, I want to make sure I can keep my guys busy and put something in their pocket at the end of the day to help them get those bills paid.”

Warner’s full-length album is due out Feb. 26 and the singer will celebrate the release in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar on Saturday, Feb. 27.

Listen to Big Storm here first on American Songwriter below.

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