Aisha Badru Reflects on World Disconnection in “Soil’s Daughter”

Folk singer-songwriter Aisha Badru is set to release new EP Transcendence, accompanied by the single titled “Soil’s Daughter.”  Transcendence will be released February 7, 2020 and you can listen to “Soil’s Daughter,” now.  

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The single is the pulse of the record and embraces a common perception on the need for more consciousness about the earth and how we care for the environment.  

“This is me reflecting on the world, and this huge disconnect between us as a people and us with the planet,” said Badru.

“This is a time when our forests are disappearing, ecosystems are collapsing, and self-interested corporations are determining the well-being of the planet and its people,” she said.  “We need to harness our individual power to create change through understanding and collective action. I hope that “Soil’s Daughter” will touch the forgotten place within us that knows that all life is connected.  It won’t be until we begin to live in accordance with this truth that we will see true change in the world.”

Over a few short years, Badru has risen from a low-income neighborhood in New York to building her own paradise in Florida.  Her Orlando home reflects her beliefs in sustainability and includes two ponds, fruit trees, bees and a food garden.  

“I want my son and daughter to have cleaner oceans, healthier soil and less polluted air to breathe when they are older,” said Badru.  

 “Soil’s Daughter,” was recorded at The Loft Studios, in Bronxville New York with Badru’s good friend Al Hemberger.  Hemberger has tracked all Badru’s vocals for every EP. “I have never recorded vocals anywhere else. It is the place I feel most uninhibited,” said Badru. 

Transcendence was also produced by another familiar friend of Badru’s.  UK based Chris Hutchinson has produced many of Badru’s projects, though they have never met in person. The two rely completely on the internet and more sustainable ways, which has been a staple in Badru’s process.  Despite the lack of face-to-face interaction, Hutchinson and Badru share a deep musical bond. On earlier projects Hutchinson added electronic elements to Badru’s stripped down sound, but Badru wanted a different tone for Transcendence.  She wanted to go a more acoustic route, so her vocals and lyrics could take the lead and provide a more intimate appeal.  

Badru’s intent to create intimate and impactful music has gained her praise form mainstream outlets such as NPR, who have called her music “warm and inviting.”

Badru has created an almost Zen-like existence for herself and explains through that she can redesign her life and influence the design of the world she wants to live in. 

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