Antares Announces Subscription Plan For Auto-Tune Vocal Software

With it pioneering Auto-Tune software program, Antares has been one of the leaders in the field of pitch correction and vocal effects for over 20 years. Whether you use it as a T-Pain style crazy effect or, as most producers do, to subtly correct not so perfect singers, Autotune is a useful tool in your recording studios setup

Now, Antares is offering a monthly subscription which includes unlimited upgrades for included plug-ins, free access to select future Antares plug-ins, VIP customer support and educational and training resources.

Auto-Tune Unlimited retails for $24.99/mo USD with a minimum 2-month commitment or as an annual pre-paid subscription for $249.90/yr USD. Best of all, there’s a free 14-day trial for those who want to sample all that Auto-Tune Unlimited has to offer.

In a statement, Antares CEO Steve Berkley said: “With the release of Auto-Tune Unlimited, we've made a complete set of our best vocal production tools available through an affordable monthly subscription. If you work with audio for music, games, podcasts, or post-production, Auto-Tune Unlimited delivers the professional tools you need.”

Further details from the press release reveal the following benefits:

The Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription includes the following plug-ins:

Auto-Tune Pro – The most advanced and fully-featured edition of Auto-Tune
Auto-Tune Artist – The power of Auto-Tune optimized for use on live performances, both onstage and in the studio
Auto-Tune EFX+ – Combines the essential features of Auto-Tune with an Auto-EFX multi-effects rack and melodic pattern generator
Auto-Tune Access – Essential Auto-Tune features in an ultra-light CPU footprint
Auto-Key – Speeds up your Auto-Tune workflow with automatic key and scale detection
Aspire – Aspiration Noise Processor
Articulator – Digital Talkbox
Choir – Vocal Multiplier
Duo – Vocal Doubler
Harmony Engine – Automatic Harmony Generator
Mic Mod – Microphone Modeler
Mutator – Extreme Voice Designer
Punch – Vocal Impact Enhancer
Sybil – Variable Frequency De-Esser
Throat – Physical Modeling Voice Designer
Warm – Vintage Tube Saturator

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