Sierra Hull Releases First Animated Music Video with Single, ‘Beautifully Out Of Place’

In February of this year, singer/songwriter Sierra Hull released the album, “25 Trips,” which included the track, “Beautifully Out Of Place.”

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Even though this song was released a few months ago, Hull felt that now would be the right time to finally reveal her first animated lyric video. She explained to American Songwriter how the story of this song is represented in the video.

“I loved the idea of having a video that told a story that I wasn’t necessarily in … You will see in the very beginning of the video that this girl is looking in the mirror, and she doesn’t like what she is seeing. She looks tired, she looks worn out and then as time goes on, she is walking along, and she sees things like a deer in the middle of the city and a flower growing up through the cracks in the pavement. There are just a lot of things that are around us that we might not even realize the beauty of when it’s not where we expect it to be.”

The end of the video is heartwarming, as the animated girl looks at herself in the mirror again but sees something different than before.

Just as it described in the lyrics of this song, there was a time when her husband believed in her more than she did herself. That was stopping her from creating the music that was already inside of her waiting to be found.

“Even a song like ‘Beautifully Out Of Place’ kind of hits home in a different way now. I originally wrote that song because I was feeling frustrated about certain things with the creative process and juggling what I needed to do. I struggle sometimes to trust myself and trust that if I need to do it, that’s probably enough.”

With this song, Hull has learned that sometimes things are out of place for the right reason, and it can be difficult to see that silver lining at first.

“It’s just the idea of being beautifully out of place, like you don’t feel like you’re where you need to be, but maybe there’s beauty in that moment. Sometimes it takes someone else saying it or showing you that that the actual truth and that what you’re thinking or feeling might not be the actual truth.”

This song has translated into her current situation because even though the world is not at its best time right now, it has given hull the chance to pause and slow down for the first time in a while.

The animated video will allow this song to be re-introduced to the world. After seeing the words come to life in a story-form, the meaning behind the song become so much clearer.

Watch the animated video of “Beautifully Out Of Place” here:

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