Behind the Meaning of “Birds of a Feather” by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish‘s “Birds of a Feather” (stylized in all capitals) is slated to be her next hit. The insatiably catchy song has been making the rounds online, taking one of the top spots in Eilish‘s catalog, currently. But, what exactly is she saying with this song? Uncover the meaning behind the hit, below.

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Behind the Meaning of “Birds of a Feather” by Billie Eilish

I want you to stay
‘Til I’m in the grave
‘Til I rot away, dead and buried
‘Til I’m in the casket you carry

Eilish gets deeply honest on this song. She doesn’t shy away from melodrama, begging her love interest to stick around until she’s passed. It’s an overwhelming kind of love. That feeling is a familiar face in Eilish’s music, but she turns up the passion on this track.

Birds of a feather, we should stick together, I know
I said I’d never think I wasn’t better alone
Can’t change the weather, might not be forever
But if it’s forever, it’s even better

The love Eilish is experiencing now is a transformative one. Though we don’t know exactly who Eilish is singing about, we know that this relationship has had a powerful effect on her life. Said I’d never think I wasn’t better alone, she sings, sinking comfortably into relationship bliss.

And I don’t know what I’m crying for
I don’t think I could love you more
It might not be long, but baby, I

I’ll love you ’til the day that I die
‘Til the day that I die
‘Til the light leaves my eyes
‘Til the day that I die

There are many songs about momentary attraction or lust at first sight, but songs like “Birds of a Feather” are for the long-lasting, enduring relationships. Despite the odds, Eilish sings about finding something with staying power. Check out the song, below.

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