Betcha Offers a Loaded Track-by-Track For Sophomore EP, ‘Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before’

Nashville-based alt-rock group Betcha has released their eagerly awaited sophomore EP Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before, and it is loaded with jams.

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The seven-track collection includes previously released fan-favorite singles, “Déjà Vu,” “If That’s Alright,” “July,” and “Closer To The Sun” as well as three brand-new tracks including the seductive new single, “Pleasure.”

Initially formed back in 2015 as Wilder, the band, consisting of vocalist Charlie Greene, guitarist Ben Booth, bassist Taylor Dubray, and drummer Chase Wofford, first met as freshman while studying at Belmont University. Following a Battle of the Bands competition, which led to their signing with Atlantic Records, the foursome shifted their name to Betcha—a combination of the first letters of each band member’s first name.

Dig Betcha? The new album is available now via Atlantic Records, HERE
You can also check out an interview with them from our Bringin’ It Backwards podcast.

DEJA VU: We always say Deja Vu is the centerpiece for this EP, feels like the middle ground between the pop/rock anthems and the groovier psychedelic tracks. It’s about a relationship or connection that plays on repeat so much it starts becoming predictable. We were super inspired by a lot of the melodies off of the new HAIM record when writing this one. The chorus “Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before” felt
like the perfect summary of the EP as a whole so we ended up using it for the Title of the record. 

JULY: We wrote July the day after playing The Troubadour on tour in spring of 2019. Since we were already on the road, we were itching to write super high energy guitar driven songs. The song is about the highs and lows of life. I was super inspired by a Mac Miller quote “I wanna have both good days and bad days” Life is filled with both and “It must be July” is about being present when the good times come around. It’s been our most successful release so far with advance placement on Alt Nation and almost 2 million streams on Spotify alone. 

PLEASURE: Pleasure is a song we’d been wanting to write for years. With heavy influences from Tame Impala and Parcels, we felt like we’d finally brought the groovy/psychedelic vibes to Betcha. It all came together super quickly when jamming over a drum loop with our producer JT DALY last august. We jokingly love calling it the “friends with benefit anthem”.

TALKING TO MYSELF: What lived as just an instrumental loop for months, somehow worked its way into our favorite song to date. We’d sent our touring photographer and bunch of random loops we’d made for a touring recap video and were super inspired when we heard this particular loop in the video. We started working on it again and overnight had created this super weird/trippy experimental song. It’s about the voice inside your head, and how it can be an exhausting thing to control sometimes “… talking to myself again, speak up”

STILL LOVE YOU: We wrote this one the day after finishing “If That’s Alright” with our producer Brian Phillips out in Los Angeles. We didn’t want “Pleasure” to be an anomaly so were chasing the groovy/pop chorus super hard. This is probably our favorite hook on the record and is one we’re most excited to play live when touring comes back. It’s about heartbreak and the time right after a breakup; staying in bed, listening to their music, reliving the things you did together. I especially love how it opens with a reference to Bon Iver’s “For Emma Forever Ago” the ultimate in your feels breakup album.

IF THAT’S ALRIGHT: Written on the same off day as “July” we were going for a song that felt fast and rockin. The whole thing came together in just a couple hours.  One of our favorite parts of this one is the powerful drum tones, it was the first thing we laid down when writing and we loved them so much we never replaced them. Lyrically, it’s a through and through high energy, unapologetic love song “Im giving up on my body just to show you we can live it up in this life” feels like such an honest interpretation of the modern relationship: Let’s stop worrying about fitting into these crazy societal standards of what we should be and just enjoy life with each other. 

CLOSER TO THE SUN: CTTS was the last song written for the record. Our cowriter Nick Bailey had come in with the song title which we all related to a “trip” we’d had together up in Michigan on tour the year prior. Lyrically it dives into themes of psychedelics and isolationism. This EP was written with live shows in mind and this is definitely a crowd driven rock song that we can’t wait to play.  

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