Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Eric Ryan

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Ryan over Zoom video!

For Toronto-based Alt-R&B singer-songwriter Eric Ryan, it all started with a guitar, YouTube and impressing a girl.

At age 12, the resourceful crooner taught himself how to play the instrument through video tutorials and although the relationship didn’t pan out, a seed of curiosity was planted.

In his early 20s, Ryan found himself embarking on his musical journey, one that he is actively honing today with his already masterful blend of alternative, R&B, neo-soul and lo-fi influences. His silky-smooth vocal stylings recall Daniel Caesar, while his open-book songwriting brings to mind Frank Ocean, both of whom have impacted the Filipino-Canadian.

Embodying an honest, saying-what-comes-to-mind lyrical approach in the vein of R&B titans who came before him, Ryan channels introspective and relatable experiences spanning love, heartbreak and the emotional spectrum of being human into his own immersive brand of the genre.

Eric has had a string of successful releases since his debut in the fall of 2019, garnering almost 2.5 million streams across all of his platforms.

On February 12, Ryan released his debut EP, “Dream State.” Over five tracks that expertly run the gamut of lo-fi-infused R&B, Eric invites listeners into his personal euphoria — one that celebrates the highs and lows of being in love, as well as the ongoing journey and challenge in finding love in yourself.

From wanting to make the peak of a relationship last for eternity (the hypnotic, vintage R&B title track) and contemplating love lost (the meditative, harmony-laced “Stuck”) to a life-changing breakthrough of self-realization (the hazy, swirling “Shine”), “Dream State” is an intimate introduction to one of alt-R&B’s most promising voices.

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