Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Madeline The Person

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Madeline the Person over Zoom video!

Imagine a world where pain dissolves into pops of color and trauma transforms into art meant to be passed along like a smile. Alt-Pop wunderkind Madeline the Person unlocks that world on her debut EP, CHAPTER 1: The Longing, out today on Warner Records.

Sonically and visually, “I Talk To The Sky” brings listeners right into the heart of Personville—her rainbow-colored art emporium where all humans and all feelings are welcome to express themselves. In the clip, she bounces on a trampoline against a clear cloud-less blue sky. The video jumps from her in a valley ensconced by mountains to sitting on a bed in the middle of a field, clutching her teddy bear as she sings. The earthy beat underscores an emotionally charged elegy as she confesses, “I write down the things I wish I could say to you. I talk to the sky.”

Of the song, she recalls, “I wrote ‘I Talk To The Sky’ a couple of weeks after my dad passed away when I was 15. It felt really weird to want to talk to him about the fact that he had died, but he was the only person I actually couldn’t talk to. So, at night, I told the sky everything I wanted to tell him, and I imagined the sky as the perfect messenger. The sky became my really good friend. Talking to the sky got me through the hardest point in my life, so I hope this song encourages others to try their own version of it. Talk to anything or anyone about your feelings, and you will be set free.”

Elsewhere on the EP, soft acoustic guitar wraps around her warm delivery on “Going Home.” The project concludes with the standout “Gladly.” As strings uphold delicate piano, she reveals, “So I’ll tell you the secrets to survive, you just laugh and cry harder and scream to survive.”

Madeline the Person feels everything at once. Bright and colorful on the outside, the Houston, Texas native uses her music to express the more painful aspects of her world. Having built a substantial following on TikTok (nearly 500k followers) with covers of Frank Ocean, Phoebe Bridgers, Harry Styles, Lizzo, Joni Mitchell, Queen and more, the 19-year-old makes her first foray into original music with the release of her EP, ‘CHAPTER 1: The Longing,’ which includes the somber & evocative “As a Child,” as well as “I Talk to the Sky,” both deep reflections on grief & the loss of her father. With several more heartfelt releases in store for 2021, Madeline the Person is already shining as bright as the future that lies ahead.

Now, Madeline The Person speaks for countless fans with CHAPTER 1 and much more to come…

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