Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Malik

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Malik over Zoom video! 

Malik is a 24-year old GRAMMY-winning producer & artist. He has worked with Ariana Grande, Earthgang, and JID and recently released his debut project SPECTRUM (Demo), through ARTium Recordings, the label run by his mentor, No I.D.

Malik has assembled the colors of the spectrum – and he has turned them into his own personal sonic playground to give us some of 2020’s best indie hip-hop and R&B.

Spectrum (Demo), the debut full-length project by the GRAMMY-winning Austin, TX producer (Ariana Grande, JID, Earthgang) and artist, is officially out today through ARTium Recordings, the label run by Malik’s mentor, the legendary No. I.D.

The record is an exploration of a lifetime, through the colors that we see everyday: “Red” (healthy anger), Orange (The hopeful morning after), “Green” (hectic with something to prove), “Blue” (quiet and meditative), “Indigo” (Blade Runner swagger), and more. As we all have different shades, Spectrum (Demo) celebrates all the different, sometimes contradictory colors that reflect our lives, and making it all sound like, in Malik’s own words, a musical take on Pixar’s Inside Out if it were as heavily influenced by Outkast, Graduation-era Kanye West, Days Before Rodeo-era Travis Scott, Acid Rap Chance the Rapper, and Nostalgia, Ultra Frank Ocean.


Malik is not done yet this year; stay tuned for new music soon.

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