Bringin’ It Backwards: Interview with Sons of Silver

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Videos by American Songwriter

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Sons of Silver over Zoom! 

Established a name recognized globally, Sons of Silver was under the name of Pete RG. Based in Los Angeles, California, the band creates and plays indie and rock music that hits a fan base of all ages. They became famous for their breakthrough EPs which are Lightning Strikes and Reaching for the Moon in which both are released in 2016. These creations have caught the heart of multi-media whether it be social media, television, or magazine. Sons of Silver have been going on tour playing in different states such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago. They have also reached parts of Europe such as Berlin, London, and Paris. Being on the road for years, you can sense how much their music has evolved introducing their name worldwide. 

What makes Sons of Silver produce quality songs and performance is how they create songs in collaboration with every member of the group. They work hand in hand as they stand out in the indie-rock scene. Sons of Silver is a group of five consisting of Peter Argyropoulos for the guitar and vocals, Brina Kabler for the keyboards and vocals, Kevin Haaland for the lead guitar, Adam Kury for the bass guitar, and Dave Krusen for the drums. Thanks to Brina Kabler for acting as the sound engineer, their music plays a signature sound that just stands out in the music industry. From once a solo artist, Sons of Silver is now a band making music that caught the heart of many.

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