Buried Treasure: Christmas Time With My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket: Officially Great.

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My Morning Jacket by Autumn de Wile
My Morning Jacket by Autumn de Wile

Last year I posed the question, what’s all the racket about My Morning Jacket? At the time I was still figuring out my feelings about the Louisville, Kentucky rockers, who many of my friends and peers have flipped over. I was hoping to write a column that reflects that hazy period in time when your feelings for a band, a song, or an album are still coagulating.

Yesterday, I was on the blog Aquarium Drunkard, where I was hipped to at least one great song –“End of the Empire” by The Henry Clay People.

I left the music player on and soon found myself listening to a 2000 radio set by Morning Jacket that was comprised largely of Christmas songs. And it was AWESOME! I’m no longer on the fence about this band. If they can make Christmas in May sound this good, what can’t they do?

Do yourself a favor and check out this set today.

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