Could Taylor Swift Announce Two “Taylor’s Version” Re-Recordings on May 13?

In her ongoing quest to own her entire discography outright, Taylor Swift has been re-releasing the albums that were recorded under her former record label. Now, the singer has teased the possibility of announcing not one, but two more re-recorded albums. And the date Swifties believe she is doing so is May 13.

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So far, the country singer-turned-pop star has released revamped versions of Fearless (2008) and Red (2012), along with several “from the vault” tracks that were written during their respective eras. While Swift hasn’t confirmed which album is next for the “Taylor’s Version” treatment, fans have been compiling a list of theories and teasers pointing to a re-release of either Speak Now or 1989—or maybe even both.

Read below for a breakdown of the online theories that convinced Swifties that Speak Now and 1989 are the next records to be released on Friday, May 13.

Lucky Number 13

First things first, from her December 13th birthday to her first album going to No. 1 in 13 weeks, Swift has long noted the number as her good luck charm. In the early days of her career, she painted a “13” on the back of her band—a symbol she brought back out during her 2018 Reputation Tour.

Fans on TikTok were quick to point out that the artist has also been known to release new material on the 13th day of a given month or on a date that when written out numerically adds up to her lucky number.

And stick with us on this one—when you add together each number in the date 5/13/22 it sums up to 13, a fact pointed out by Tik Toker @niyaesperanza in a great rundown of points that point to Taylor’s double release. Though for any other artist the theory might be a bit of a reach, Swift is known for her nearly undetectable clues.

On top of all of this, May 13 is the only Friday the 13th in the entire year—another important good luck charm for Swift. Fan, @fstrthanthewind, pointed out that Swift turned 13 on Friday the 13th.

“May 13th (5/13) is Friday the 13th. Taylor Swift turned 13 on Friday the 13th. Yk what album has 13 tracks??? 1989. Yk which album 1989 is??? The 5th. 5/13!!!!!!,” she wrote.

In April, Swift made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where she seemed to promote her new version of Fearless track “Hey Stephen.” However, her eagle-eyed fans quickly pointed out that the interview was filled with easter eggs hinting at May 13.

In the interview, she mentioned a fake address, 513 West 54th St., as well as Colbert’s birthday which is May 13.

Swift seemed to drop another hint with Jimmy Fallon during his popular segment on The Tonight Show, “Box of Lies.”

During the game, Swift and Fallon each take turns picking a mystery box off the shelf. The numbered boxes were selected in the order 1, 5, and 3 which could be rearranged to fit the predicted date. Sort of a vague clue but she couldn’t make it too easy right?

1989 or Speak Now?

With the release date sleuthed out, the next Swiftie mission was to figure out what album she would share.

In the same appearance on The Colbert Show, Swift continually referenced New York. A nod to 1989‘s opening track “Welcome to New York”? Fans seem to think so.

@misfitaffiars shared the clues they caught. “there are so many signs!! 1) A 1989 photograph of Stephen Colbert on the top left. 2) Seagull which is on the shirt on 1989 album cover. 3) 8 hearts, 9 stars which leads to ‘89 #1989TaylorsVersion.”

In the biggest clue yet, she’s released two re-recorded tracks from her 2014 LP 1989, “Wildest Dreams” and “This Love.” As she posted the announcement for the latter just a few days ago, she wrote that she was “reliving the 1989 tour.”

“This Love (My version!) is out & I’m currently reliving the 1989 tour in my head and spiraling, it’s fine,” Swift wrote.

Swift often uses Spotify and its cover art to tease her new eras. Ahead of the release of her album Lover in 2019, she changed the Spotify visualizer for her song “Delicate,” painting her nails the pastel color palette of the then-unreleased LP.

Following the release of “Wildest Dreams” and “This Love,” Swift changed their cover art to an unseen photo and grouped the two songs together—Could it be the cover art for 1989 Taylor’s Version?

@thethriftyswiftie shared the easter egg change on Tik Tok. “The Spotify background for ‘Wildest Dreams Taylor’s Version’ has changed.”

Check out the findings below.

To make a case for Speak Now, Swift recently used the pricing of Red (Taylor’s Version) to signal the 2010 album. On her official store, her latest re-recorded work is priced at $20.10 in purple text, nodding to the album’s release date and purple motif.

@cleanoncornelia points out, “just randomly remembered that the signed Red (Taylor’s Version) CDs where $20.10 and PURPLE so now you must remember it too.”

A few months ago, Swift posted a Tik Tok about the title track of Speak Now in which the main character breaks up a wedding. Coincidentally, that very situation is the plot of the Blake Lively directed video for “I Bet You Think About Me.”

Additionally, right after the re-release of Red, Swift posted on Instagram and the caption included two words that jumped out to fans: mine and ours. Both of these words are song titles on the Speak Now album (“Mine” and “Ours”). Swifties are certain that this message was an early hint at the singer’s next move.

“Just a friendly reminder that I would never have thought it was possible to go back and remake my previous work, uncovering lost art and forgotten gems along the way, if you hadn’t emboldened me,” Swift wrote. “Red is about to be mine again, but it has always been ours. Tonight we begin again. Red (my version) is out now.”

Oh, and Swift showed up to the premiere of the All Too Well: The Short Film in New York City in a stunning purple, velvet suit. And guess what is also purple? The dress Swift is wearing on the cover of the Speak Now album.

Why It Could Be Both

In September of 2021, Swift paid homage to Shania Twain who made the transition from country music to mainstream pop as Swift did years later. Twain also released a double album in 2002, Up!, with one CD being her typical country style and the other more pop-focused.

With Speak Now, Swift released her last full country album, while in 1989 she jumped headfirst into pulsing radio hits.

To top it off, Swift’s official website released “The Old Taylor” merch collection with both albums represented.

We will also just have to wait—semi-patiently—to see whether or not Swift’s teasers mean what the Swifties think they mean. If they do, nobody speak to us on Friday, we’ll be busy…

Taylor Swift (Photo: Beth Garrabrant)

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