Daily Discovery: Brendan James, “Through Our Hands”

It doesn’t take an life-altering tragedy to prompt a voyage around the world — sometimes you just sell your house, pack the kids in the van and hit the road. That’s exactly what American singer-songwriter Brendan James did to inspire his new song “Through Our Hands” from his upcoming album. 

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After touring in 2016, James decided to take a break from the road. That didn’t last long as he soon sold his house, and took his wife, 4-year-old and 2-year-old on a trip around the world. 

Their six month journey took them across the world visiting Holland, England, France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Iceland, Rwanda, Thailand and New Zealand. Avoiding tourist traps, James and his wife focused on entrenching themselves and their kids in the local culture and environment. 

For James, the best part of his travels was going to sleep and waking up as a family every day for six months. “Through Our Hands” is a compilation of snapshots from these travels as James and his wife watched their kids grow up right before their eyes.

“Leaving our day-to-day and taking our kids around the world was life changing. It really put things under a microscope. We just felt like we could see our kids growing and changing by the day, and I wanted a song to describe that beautiful yet emotional experience,” James said.

James places the listener in picturesque moments — a backroad in Croatia or a hotel room in Rwanda or a little house on the coast of Carolina — and reflects on the beauty of those moments. 

Comparing the trip’s memories and his kids to “water through our hands,” James’ song admits that time passes and one can’t hold on to everything. 

“That trip around the world was fuel for my soul,” said James. “I did nothing but hang with my family and write new songs. It was incredible. Now I get to play them on this tour and share all the stories with my fans. I really can’t wait.”

Lush production elevates the endearing and tender song, with James’ delicate voice dancing lightly above the warm mix of pianos, guitars and background vocals. 

It’s clear from the artist’s own words that he aims to touch the listener’s heart in every song.

”What I hope to do is calm, strengthen, and transport my listeners to a better self, and in turn maybe I get there too.”

James will be on tour for the rest of the month, with his new album scheduled for release in 2020. 

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