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Country-folk band, Count This Penny, is releasing their latest album, Wolves Are Sheep, on November 4. They also happen to be starting a fall tour on the same day! Be sure to check out their website to see if they are playing in a city near you.

ARTIST: Count This Penny

SONG: Get Your Gun

BIRTHDATE: Summer 2009



AMBITIONS: Finding a balance of comedy and tragedy as writers and performers.

TURN-OFFS: Meanness, bananas, the corners of parking garage stairwells.

TURN-ONS: Blake Mills, David Foster Wallace, avocados, Bulleit Rye, late night drives.

DREAM GIG: The Sh*tty Barn in Spring Green, WI.

FAVORITE LYRIC: Lately, thanks to our friend Hillary, it’s this verse from Water Liars: “There’s a room inside my heart where no one ever goes / it’s been boarded up and locked for years, and everything is gone / then you come along and cut yourself a key / swept the floors and opened all the windows and said, ‘Baby, let it breathe.'”

CRAZIEST PERSON WE KNOW: This guy named Hector. He’s bonkers.

SONG WE WISH WE WROTE: Living That Way, by Nick Brown

5 PEOPLE WE’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Eudora Welty, Dale Murphy, Gwendolyn Brooks, George Carlin, Big Harp.

OUR FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: We play a yearly holiday benefit show with a bunch of Madison bands (Anna Vogelzang, Whitney Mann, PHOX, Dietrich Gosser, Faux Fawn, Crane Your Swan Neck, Corey Hart). It’s this beautiful thing that happens every winter now, and it’s really important to us.

WE WROTE THIS SONG: Slowly. It was just a progression and an idea for months. Then when the words finally came out, they did so all at once. It took half a year and then seven minutes.

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