Daily Discovery: Country-Latin Duo Kat & Alex Chase Their Dreams On New Single, “Heartbreak Tour”

Ever since “Despacito” became a worldwide mega-hit in 2017, Reggaeton and other Latin music styles have exploded in popularity, especially in the United States. While this means a lot of incredible artists—like Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and more—have been able to get traction in previously unreachable regions, it also means that Latin acts and influences can now find their way into releases all over the genre map.

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One of the most exciting and innovative artists doing this is the Country-Latin duo, Kat & Alex. After competing on American Idol in 2020, the husband-and-wife duo (made up of Kat Luna and Alex Georgia) set out to make their dreams of recording their unique blend of country and Latin influences a reality. Last year, they dropped two versions of their debut single, “How Many Times”—one in English and one in Spanish. And, for as odd of a combo as “country and Latin” might sound at first, after you listen to both versions of “How Many Times,” Luna and Georgia’s vision becomes instantly clear. Now, on April 28, they’re putting out their next single: “Heartbreak Tour,” an exploration of their relationship and the struggles of trying to make a living off doing music. 

“We wrote this song during a time where we had to make a decision to either pursue music full time or go work a ‘9-to-5,’” the duo told American Songwriter via email. “The pressure of making a living and being independent was pushing us to make this difficult decision. We knew that there was a purpose for us meeting and connecting over music, therefore, we made the choice to pursue music together no matter what. ‘Heartbreak Tour’ is a representation of what life would have been like if we had not decided to move forward together with our dreams.”

“Heartbreak Tour” is one of those classic “story songs” that tells, well, a story. From the understated, hazy intro to the simmering longing of the verses to the soaring celebration of the choruses, listening to the single really feels akin to reading a short narrative, almost as if you’re following all the ebbs and flows of Luna and Georgia’s decision-making in real time. All of this comes to a climax for the song’s bridge, which features one of the most triumphant and effective chord changes in recent music memory.  Part of what made this arrangement so effective was the team the duo brought in to help flesh-out the song.

“We met with producer Brad Hill who helped us bring this song to life,” the duo said. “We wanted a very dynamic and dramatic moment in this song and together, we came up with an arrangement that included that powerful bridge. Then, we developed and fine-tuned some of the sounds by bringing producer and instrumentalist Lalo Guzman. In Brad’s studio with Lalo’s help, we added guitar licks and some percussion sounds by using objects like dollar bills, tin cans and anything we could find in the studio. Once we had all of these components, we recorded the final vocal.”

With phenomenal dynamics, world-class musical performances and an overall authenticity, “Heartbreak Tour” is almost like an anthem for Luna and Georgia’s commitment to each other and their craft. Newly married and on the hard-to-navigate road to stardom, having each other makes almost any goal seem achievable. 

“This song will take the listener for a wild ride,” they said. “We want people to smile, cry, and know that no dream is too big to chase.”

Kat & Alex’s new single “Heartbreak Tour” is out now and available everywhere. Watch the music video for it below:

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