Daily Discovery: Den of Ashes, “Desert Bloom”

Den of Ashes (photo: Len Prince)

ARTIST: Den of Ashes

SONG: “Desert Bloom”

HOMETOWN: Schenectady, NY



AMBITIONS: Progressing the lost genre of Western into modern Folk Rock. Racing the 24 hours of Le Mans.

I WROTE THIS SONG ON A [INSTRUMENT]: “Desert Bloom” emerged from my 1955 Martin D-28 guitar that has exotic high and low tones and my Harmonica. The character melodies of other instruments became very apparent during the writing process.

I RECORDED THIS SONG [WHERE/HOW]: The Séance Room, Sherman Oaks, CA

DREAM GIG: A sold out performance at The Greek Theater on a typical cool Fall California evening under a beautiful Western sky, where everyone is in an incredible mood for an epic show and I nail it!

FAVORITE LYRIC: “What’s your name? Who’s your daddy? (He rich) Is he rich like me?” Rod Argent / The Zombies

SONG I WISH I WROTE: Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Neil Young.  It is a perfect song in every way.

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: (Dead or Alive) Aristotle, for a philosophical conversation and the pure idea. Sting, because I probably killed him in a prior life.  I love the depth of his music. Jesus, because he can walk on water, for his many challenges and an endless bottle of wine. Neil Young, for his iconic music and longevity. My Grandparents, Leo and Emily Beck, because I miss them.

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Too many to list… The Eagles – Hotel California Tour, my very first concert as a kid. My friend Scott and I were sitting on the stairs right by the stage. A joint was being passed down the row. We looked at each other, why not?!

I WROTE THIS SONG BECAUSE: “Desert Bloom” flew off my fingers. I loved the progression, It’s an observation of nature in the desert written into an erotic tale, nothing more nothing less. I wanted a strong follow up to (previous release) California and a lead up to my upcoming EP The Garden, thus a single release.

INSTRUMENT/GEAR I’D MOST LIKE TO OWN: A 1939 Martin D-28 to replace the one I sold when I was flat broke. 1963 Fender Stratocaster, 1964 Epiphone Excellente and Vintage Neumann U67. I do have a guitar with an 11 volume knob thanks to Rick Turner, my ode to Spinal Tap!

SONGWRITER I MOST ADMIRE & WHY: Paul McCartney, the master of it all, because of his sheer talent, longevity and vocal upkeep few have ever sustained. Lyrics to music, sound and feel, genius!

SOUNDCLOUD LINK: https://soundcloud.com/den-of-ashes/desert-bloom

WEBSITE: https://www.denofashes.com/

American Songwriter says: ““Desert Bloom” fits nicely on any playlist looking to take the listener on a real or imagined ride through the rich, wide-open cinematic terrains of the American Southwestern landscape. The meditative track features a compelling violin solo by Grammy-winner Lili Hayden, which subtly accents Ash’s meditation on the communal and cyclical nature of the desert’s inhabitants.”

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