Daily Discovery: Suzy & The Lifeguard Cooks Up Something Smoky And Sultry On “Take It Slow”

In her press materials, Suzy Paradise states that she created the Suzy & The Lifeguard project to “lure her listeners into a sci-fi dream world immersed in lagoons of swampy jazz and shimmering 1960’s psychedelic pop.”

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While some of the more alluring details get lost in transit, Paradise’s bold mission statement is a pretty good introduction to the smoky, sultry sound that her project creates. This is especially evident on Suzy & The Lifeguard’s newest single, “Take It Slow,” off of her forthcoming sophomore EP, ANIMA (out February 24). 

Produced by Grammy award-winning recording and mix engineer Phil Joly (Patti Smith, Lana Del Rey, Daft Punk), the song is as smooth as cruise-control on fresh asphalt. With tremolo guitars, Paradise’s honey-esque vocals and colorful horns all layered over lo-fi drums, you start to see what Paradise is talking about when she refers to smoky, psychedelic jazz lagoons. 

“‘Take it Slow’ is about getting swept up in lust while you’re unable to admit to yourself that what you really want is love,” Paradise told American Songwriter.

“It’s being torn between wanting something real and the appeal of being flirty and having fun,” Paradise continued. “There is something so tantalizing and exciting about lust versus the slow burn of love. I feel like a lot of the time we overthink things. We’re scared if it seems like we care more than the other person. We wait for them to open up first instead of being honest about how we feel. The song describes subconsciously playing games to protect ourselves from being vulnerable — while at the same time craving that authentic connection.”

“By playing games in any relationship, you fabricate this false sense of control,” Paradise added. “The only one you’re fooling is yourself.”

Listen to Suzy & The Lifeguard’s new single “Take It Slow” below:

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