Emerging California Country Duo Honey County Boasts Good Maternal Genes with “Got It From My Mama”

After seeing Dani Rose perform at House of Blues in Anaheim in December of 2019, Sofie Lynn reached out to the artist over social media to ask if she wanted to write together. Lynn, a Los Angeles native, had recently moved home from Texas, where she picked up a newfound appreciation for country music while she was studying nursing at Baylor University. The timing was perfect as the former Honey County country trio was transitioning, and Rose was hosting auditions.

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The two became fast friends and an undeniable sonic pair and a performance force to be reckoned with. They took the stages of Stagecoach and CMA Fest by storm, right before the Pandemic brought it to a screeching halt in March, just five months into their run.

Though devastating at the time, the pair now feel the silver linings outshine their shifted plans. Lynn says, “It was really a blessing in disguise, we needed that time to get to know each other.” Rose moved further out of the city and closer to Lynn where the two continue to sing and write together daily. Rose adds, “When you know someone that well, because you spend almost every day with each other, it really strengthens that bond. And that will eventually translate well in our stage performance.”

One of the first songs they wrote together, at the end of March 2020, was their new single “Got It From My Mama.” Lynn, who feels lucky to be close to family during the pandemic, was at a loss for Mother’s Day ideas. She jotted down a few sentiments, intimate details that defined her personal relationship with her mother to present to her in a song. She says, “I wanted to find a way to honor who she is, and the person I am because of her.”

When Rose heard the song, it struck a chord. As a Virginia native, much of her family resides on the East Coast. With travel restrictions and climbing case numbers, the reality of the pandemic began to set in and the two-thousand miles between them felt infinite. Rose joined in on the track, needing to feel closer to her own mother, and brought a unique spin to the thoughtful tribute.

“She played it for me and I said, ‘Cute, Sofie—now let’s make it sassy,'” Rose laughs. “There was so much potential there, I couldn’t resist. We brought the idea to our favorite collaborators, who we really trusted with the track, Kalie Shorr, Hillary Reynolds and Maks Gabriel. And when we were finished, we knew we had something really special.”

The lyrics inventory positive attributes, lending credit to the one who made it possible. With enviable harmony, the two sing If you like the way I walk / The way I talk /The hazel in my eyes /The songs I sing / How big I dream/ Laugh until I cry / Why my heart is on my sleeve / And I scream when I hear Madonna / Everything good in me I got it from my mama.

“I am blown away by what we created,” says Rose. “When we finished we thought ‘Wow, what a great testament.’ I think we all teared up. It’s almost bigger than us; it’s not just about our moms, it’s for anyone’s mom or grandmas or mother figure in their life. Little did we know, a year later, we would release it and post it on TikTok and get the response that we have.”

Since the release April 16, the duo has been flooded with messages about the unique sentiment the songs shares with each listener. They’ve heard from fans who have lost their mothers, and feel closer to them when listening to the song. Others have shared they don’t have a close relationship with their mom, and this song has inspired them to have a better relationship with their own children. Some fans have used the song to dance to with their mothers at their wedding.

As mothers and daughters continue tagging each other in the videos saying, “This is us” or “This reminds me of you,” Rose and Lynn now realize that the details that were once personal to them like “hazel eyes,” “matching tattoos,” and “Madonna” represent a more universal sentiment.

“Watching the response has been so incredible and humbling,” says Rose. “‘Got It From My Mama’ sets the groundstone for who we are as Honey County. We are based on faith and family, and our music should shine that through and make people feel things. There is nothing more rewarding than having people react to your music.”

In the spirit of the song and just in time for Mother’s Day, the duo hopes to shed light on a particularly strong woman and mother in their life, Amy Ravera. She has experienced a season of hardship after her husband was involved in a motorcycle accident. Since last March, Ravera has worked overtime to care for her children and her husband, who continues to be treated for a traumatic brain injury. Honey County performed a special acoustic set for Ravera and her family to lift their spirits and now hope to use their new single to help share Ravera’s story and created a GoFundMe page.

As for what’s next for the breakthrough duo, Rose and Lynn say they are “really good at keeping secrets.” They’ve spent the last year writing songs with some of their best friends and are excited for what’s to come. “Honey County is blossoming into what it was always meant to be,” they share. “We are unapologetically ourselves, and these songs are things we’re feeling in the moment.”

Listen to Honey County’s new single, “Got It From My Mama,” below.

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