3 Classic Rock Songs by Jimi Hendrix that Will Inspire You to Play Guitar

Today, rock icon Jimi Hendrix is known as the greatest guitar player ever. The Seattle-born artist seemed effortless on his instrument, though fans know well that he practiced all day and night growing up. He seemed to be one with the fret board, knowing where every note was and whatever note should be played in the moment without thinking.

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Sometimes, when masters on their instrument perform, it can seem too intimidating. But, one might argue, a true masterful musician should inspire you, even when showcasing his or her greatness. Therefore, we wanted to collect three songs here that both display Hendrix’s talent and his ability to inspire the next generation. Yes, these are three classic rock songs by Jimi Hendrix that will inspire you to play the guitar.

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“Little Wing”

This song, released in 1967 on the LP Axis: Bold as Love, is one of the most dissected electric guitar-driven tunes in classic rock history. Not only is it delicate and delightful, it’s nuanced and nerdy. But more than anything it has soul. Famously, Stevie Ray Vaughan covered it note for note but even he couldn’t imbue the sense of heart that Hendrix put into it. Still, though, the song presents a high bar for any guitar player and one so many seem to over and over want to achieve.

“Hey Joe”

This blues song is pure guttural emotion. Originally known in 1962 as a Billy Roberts song, Hendrix released his version in 1966. And while there are many licks performed by the Master that are hard to replicate, the basic structure of the song is something many younger players can work on. Then they can fit their own licks in as their fingers will allow. That’s the beauty of the blues, you can perform it at basically any skill level. And “Hey Joe” is one of the best examples. You don’t even have to use your teeth and tongue to play it!

“Foxy Lady”

This is just a straight-up rocker that gets anyone’s heartbeat going. And the basics of it, even without the soloing between, are heavy-hitting chords that most can learn as they’re playing. But more than the song itself, more than any note, chord or riff, it’s the heart of the track, which was released in 1967 on the LP Are You Experienced that can get anyone into the idea of being a rock and roll guitar player. It’s an exclamation point in music form, a love song with hip thrusts ‘ta boot. It’s inspiration incarnate.

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