The Artists Behind Sally & George Discuss Love and Passion in ‘Fave Wave’

The duo Sally & George is comprised of Shelby Means and Joel Timmons. They met when they were each in separate bands, fell in love, got married, and formed their own band together. Now, they are gearing up to release their song, “Fave Wave.”

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“We were two sort of unemployed musicians living at the house together and what else were we going to do than start writing songs about our feelings,” says Joel.

The first few years of marriage for a normal couple usually has its ups and downs, so you can imagine mixing a personal relationship with business would be quite an adjustment for Shelby and Joel.

“I definitely remember that it was nerve-wracking because it was this next level of intimacy that we were sharing our creativity and it’s a really vulnerable place when you’re writing together. Fortunately, it worked,” says Joel.

“I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to a musical idea and Joel is really patient … We butt heads, but it is pretty healthy in a way because we both have the same goal in mind, which is to create better music than we thought we could,” says Shelby.

Once they got into the studio, they were able to have a very rewarding session, which lead to the making of their first album in 2017. From there, more and more music started to come together and next month their album, “Take You On A Ride” will be released.

“This album has songs that we have written over the last couple years as we have traveled and looked out at the world a little bit more,” says Joel. “It’s obviously a pretty fractured and broken America that we have been witnessing the last few years and I think that’s coming out in the songs.”

Some of the themes included in this album are failed relationships, recent natural disasters and racial violence.

“There are also songs about making amends, coming back together and of course, a few love songs sprinkled in there because we can’t resist,” says Shelby.

In the love song category on “Take You On A Ride,” is a track titled, “Fave Wave.” It gives off an uplifting, joyful vibe that makes you want to take a drive to your happy place with the windows down and your favorite person next to you.

The song revolves around Joel’s obvious love for surfing from growing up in South Carolina. While on a beach, he stopped to observe the regular surfers and noticed their relationship with the waves.

“The character in that song has gone from a rambler, traveling surfer to finding their home. I think it’s a little bit about me longing for that as a surfer, but then sort of finding that in a relationship. There’s a reward to that dedication and monogamy in the study of one particular being.”

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