Galaxy’s AS-1400 Makes Wireless Personal Monitoring Affordable

PRESS RELEASE: Galaxy's new AS-1400 wireless personal monitor offers premium performance with trouble-free wireless connectivity, high-quality ear buds, and a unique "mixed mono mode"  – all at an unmatched price. This makes it the perfect choice for performing musicians and public speakers in houses of worship, corporate and government facilities, and entertainment applications. Having 275 selectable UHF frequencies over a 42 MHz range to minimize interference, simplifies finding an open channel. Multiple AS-1400 systems can share the same stage, giving everyone their own custom monitor mix. Alternately, a single transmitter can feed an unlimited number of body packs for an extremely economical, high performance, wireless monitoring system. Galaxy's unique "mixed mono mode" converts normal stereo operation into a two channel mono mix using the bodypack’s pan control to balance the two channels. Thus, a performer could hear "my vocal" and "the band" in both ears using their pan control to balance the mix. The AS-1400 may also be used with a personal monitoring mixer, giving the user even more control over their monitors. Both transmitter and receiver, feature easy-to-read LCD screens and convenient controls. Each AS-1400R bodypack receiver comes with a set of Galaxy’s comfortable EB4 ear buds, and operates for up to 7 hours on a pair of alkaline AA batteries. An included single/dual rack kit mounts a single AS-1400T transmitter in a single half-rack space, or two transmitters side by side in a single rack space, for convenient travel and operation. An optional “Band Pack” system includes one transmitter and four bodypack receivers, equipping a band or facility with a complete personal monitoring system at a highly affordable price. Premium performance, an unmatched feature set, and trouble-free operation at a highly affordable $499.99 MAP, make it possible for any musician or group to "get personal" with an AS-1400 wireless personal monitor system. As they celebrate 40 years of great audio products,

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