Yamaha STAGEPAS 400BT and 600BT Bring Bluetooth Audio to Market Leading All-in-One PA Systems

PRESS RELEASE: ANAHEIM (January 25, 2018)—Providing singer-songwriters, small bands, and public speakers all they need to fill intimate performance venues with pristine-quality sound, the new Yamaha STAGEPAS 400BT and 600BT portable integrated PA systems improve upon previous models by adding Bluetooth® wireless audio connectivity. Stereo audio may be streamed directly to the STAGEPAS system from any Bluetooth-paired device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, from up to 33 feet away. This allows musicians who incorporate backing tracks, break music, loops, or even software instruments in a live setting to do so without a cable — placing the device where it is most accessible and/or safest. Audio is routed to the final stereo line input pair on the system’s mixer: channels 7/8 on the STAGEPAS 400BT and 9/10 on the STAGEPAS 600BT.

Yamaha StagePas 600BT live sound system
The STAGEPAS 400BT and 600BT feature two lightweight speakers and a detachable powered mixer, a pair of speaker cables, and a power cord for a complete portable sound solution that can be set up easily in virtually any environment. The mixer can also fit into one of the speaker enclosures, making for even easier transportability and a smaller footprint when in use. A number of advanced technologies help the STAGEPAS user achieve stellar sound quality with no hassle. Onboard feedback suppression targets problem frequencies before they become audible. The one-knob Yamaha Master EQ™ optimizes the sound to match its environment via a single control. Channels 1 through 4 feature independent sends for the four high-resolution reverb types (Hall, Plate, Room, and Echo), which are derived from the acclaimed Yamaha SPX series of dedicated effects processors. The reverb can be turned on and off using an optional footswitch, which is ideal if the host of an event is speaking between songs. Both new STAGEPAS models offer extensive connection options. Four mic/line inputs feature XLR jacks with phantom power on channels 1-2 and XLR-1/4'' combo inputs on channels 3-4, with channel 4 switchable to Hi-Z impedance for passive-pickup instruments. The STAGEPAS 400BT offers two stereo line input channels that are switchable for mono operation; the STAGEPAS 600BT offers three stereo inputs. Both models support RCA inputs, and 1/8'' stereo mini jack. Monitor and subwoofer outs on the 400BT and 600BT provide easy expandability: For shows requiring a monitor mix or a more robust low end, simply connect powered speakers such as Yamaha’s DXR Series full-range speakers or DXS Series subwoofers. With the STAGEPAS 400BT delivering 400 watts of power and the 600BT offering 680 watts, musicians are sure to be heard clearly and cleanly throughout the entire venue. Intelligent DSP and advanced limiters protect the system and ensure the most efficient use of this power, and specially designed waveguides help the STAGEPAS achieve the wide sound distribution for broad coverage. The STAGEPAS 400BT offers 2-band EQ on each channel; the 600BT adds a midrange band of particular benefit to guitar and vocals. “Our STAGEPAS line has always provided discerning musicians and presenters with everything necessary to easily dial in great sound and get to what they do best,” said Nithin Cherian, product marketing manager, Yamaha Pro Audio. “With wireless audio sources increasingly prevalent, the Bluetooth capability of the STAGEPAS 400BT and 600BT makes them the perfect all-in-one PA systems for the demands of today’s gigs … and tomorrow’s.” Pricing and Availability The Yamaha STAGEPAS 400BT (MSRP: $949.00) and 600BT (MSRP: $1,249.00) will ship in the first quarter of 2018.

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