Get to Know the Musical Children of Metallica

Los Angeles-born heavy metal rock band Metallica is known for crashing cymbals, hammering drums, cutting guitar solos, and guttural vocals. Comprised of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo, and Kirk Hammett, the band is the stuff of legend.

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But when one thinks about Metallica, which began in 1981, their children might not be the next thought. Nevertheless, the four players in the band are dads first and foremost and some of their kids are playing professionally.

Given the band’s 2023 release of its latest studio album, 72 Seasons, in April, we thought now would be a good time to look at the careers of the children of Metallica.

It’s also been on the minds of the band members too. To wit, on a recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Ulrich said that perhaps there would be a day when the group would “hand the keys to the hard-rock kingdom” to their kids. Kimmel added, “What if there was a Metallica Jr.?” Maybe.

James Hetfield (Vocalist)

The big, gravelly-voiced frontman for Metallica, James Hetfield, has a 22-year-old son named Castor who plays drum, taking after Uncle Lars. More specifically, Castor performs in the Savannah, Georigia-based band Bastardane, which last year went on a mini-tour of the U.S. during the spring and summer. In 2022, the trio also released its debut record, This Is Rage. Hetfield also has two daughters Cali and Marcella.

Check out a live video from the group in their hometown below.

Lars Ulrich (Drummer)

The mastermind behind the band, Ulrich has two sons, 24-year-old Myles, and 21-year-old Layne, who perform in the band Taipei Houston together (show dates here). Their mother is Ulrich’s now ex-wife, Skylar Satenstein, an emergency medicine doctor. And their sound has been compared to garage rock duos like The Black Keys or The White Stripes. The group was born in 2020 during the pandemic.

“They were both at NYU, and they were doing separate things, said Ulrich. “And then they came home from lockdown. And we were in the middle of March, and [we have a] studio downstairs… and they found themselves spending time in there.” Ulrich also shares a son, Bryce, from his relationship with Connie Nielson.

Check out Taipei Houston below.

Kirk Hammett (Lead Guitarist)

This entry will be brief as Kris Hammett’s teenage boys, whom he shares with his wife, Lani, are known to be musical, but not publicly as of now. So, it’s only proper to give Angel and Vincenzo their space.

Robert Trujillo (Bassist)

The band’s bassist has a son, Tye, who perhaps is the most accomplished of all. The 18-year-old began to play bass with the popular rock band Korn when he was only 12. He was also the bassist for his father’s side project, Suicidal Tendencies. Today, he’s in several bands, including the thrash metal band, OTTO, which dropped a new album in March. (OTTTO and Bastardane are both on the bills for the Welcome to Rockville and Sonic Temple in May.) And that’s not all. Trujillo’s 16-year-old daughter Lullah plays many instruments, showing off her drumming skills recently playing at the Whisky a Go Go with her dad and mother Cloe.

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