Industry Veteran Chad Richardson Hosts Free Seminar Tonight For His Upcoming Hit Songs Deconstructed Masterclass Series

Music industry veteran Chad Richardson is hosting a free Zoom seminar tonight which will outline his upcoming Hit Songs Deconstructed masterclass series, “The Business of Music Deconstructed.”

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Over his 20+ year career, Richardson has been the head of operations for SOCAN (Canada’s PRO) in Los Angeles, signed and guided Timbaland and Steven Tyler to publishing deals, and worked with The Weeknd, Drake, Jenna Andrews and others.

His masterclass, presented by Hit Songs Deconstructed and The S.O.N.G Space, is an intensive six-part seminar focused on the business side of songwriting. It is designed to give songwriters a firm understanding of the inner workings of publishing deals, sync deals, pitching dos and don’ts, song splits, the 5 Ps to releasing a single, and much more.

Richardson will also feature several guest speakers in the six-part series, each of whom are experts on the topic they discuss, including:

Andrew Gould (EMI, BMG, Downtown Music Publishing / “The Middle”, “Rise Up”)
Stephan Moccio (co-writer of “Wrecking Ball”, Earned It”)
Brian Howes (Songwriter/Producer for Taylor Swift, Hinder, Daughtry, Olivia Penalva)
Andrea Carew (Mental health and resilience coach)
Maggie Szabo (Independent recording artist)

Limited seats are available for this Zoom session. The Q&A session will take place at 7pm ET tonight. It’s a great opportunity to ask Chad personal questions and determine whether this masterclass is right for you. Sign up here.

As Hit Songs Deconstructed states, one of the biggest reasons talented creatives end up failing is because they don’t understand how the music business really works. The Business of Music Deconstructed is a brand-new, six-part masterclass that will teach you the most important things you need to know to be successful, including publishing deals, the S.T.A.D. Formula, sync deals, pitching dos and don’ts, song splits, the 5 Ps of releasing a single, and more.  This expertly crafted masterclass is taught by industry veteran Chad Richardson with a great lineup of guest speakers including Andrew Gould, Stephan Moccio, and Brian Howes, to name a few.

Full Masterclass Schedule (contents supplied by Hit Songs Deconstructed):

(Edit- November 17): Sign up at this link here to watch the Richardson’s Q&A about the Masterclass.

November 23: Music Publishing

Publishing is one of the most dependable, yet misunderstood, sources of income in the music industry. This segment will cover:
PUB vs. PRO: What’s the Difference and What Do They Do?
The Publishing Pie: The 200% Song
The S.T.A.D. Formula: Tried and True Method for Finding and Signing Publishing Deals that Are Right for You
Splitting Your Catalog: Short Game/Long Game

Special guest Andrew Gould will join the conversation to give you an insider’s view of what music publishers are really looking for, followed by a Q&A session. 

November 25: The Ins and Ous of Song Sync (TV/film & video game placements)

There has been a major shift in the music industry from “introduce me to an A&R” to “introduce me to a music supervisor!” During this session we will explore this growing revenue stream, including:

Understanding sync
Working with and how to approach music supervisors: the dos and don’ts
Non-exclusive sync deals
Case study on sync pitching: Christmas in July

November 30: The 5 Ps of Releasing a Single

It’s not enough to “upload a song to SoundCloud” and hope it goes viral. Releasing a single in today’s market takes planning and foresight to have real success. This segment will cover:

To single or not to single: how the market and the business has changed its outlook on the full-length album
The 5 Ps to Releasing a Single
The 1 B: Brand

Special guest Maggie Szabo will discuss how she has gone about building her career from a “new girl” in LA to one of the most well-known independent artists in the industry, followed by a Q&A session. 

December 2: The Importance and Strategy of Collaboration

Less than 1% of 1% of all No. 1s were written by one person. In this session we focus on how it’s not just creatively important, but strategically important, to bring others into your creative mix. Topics will include:

The “Wild Wild West” of the songwriting world
Song splits and how the “rules” can vary from genre to genre

Special guest Stephan Moccio will then join the conversation to share the stories behind two iconic hits, “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus and “Earned It” by the Weeknd, and how collaboration uniquely played a part in the making of these songs, followed by a Q&A session. 

December 7: Surviving the Industry: A Deep Dive into Self Care and the Creative

To say the music industry is mentally, physically and creatively hard would be an understatement. As co-creator of the BURNOUT song camp with Tayla Parx, Chad will discuss an array of topics aimed at building up your internal strength to “survive” the industry. Topics will include:

Micro-goaling to the finish line
Deals vs. champions
The KEY to not giving up
The music industry in acronyms

Special guest Andrea Carew will then take you through a myriad of ideas and solutions tailored to the creative to keep mentally strong.

December 9: The Industry in the Pandemic

This segment will be a group discussion focusing on new ways to work and find success during the unique times we are living in.

Content supplied by Hit Songs Deconstructed

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