Jeremie Albino Finds Stardom With a Harmonica and Guitar With the Premiere of “Klondike Man”

Singer-songwriter Jeremie Albino openly admits he never planned on making a record or even becoming a career musician, but he had a calling and passion for performing live and gigging.  And today he brings us the new bonus single “Klondike Man” from his debut album Hard Time amid planning a second album.  

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Albino is a lively performer and gifted musician with roots in the countryside of Ontario, Canada.  A humble farm worker, something Albino enjoys to this day and finds much fulfillment in, always had an interest in music as he has always been mesmerized by early blues songwriters like Furry Lewis, Skip James, John Lee Hooker and John Hammond Jr.  

The kind of one-man band is a style Albino prides his songwriting on and the ability for each of his songs to be able to stand on its own without anything more than he and his guitar and harmonica of course, is essential.  

“I’ve always liked the idea of a one-man band, someone that can really hold their own, that’s always been my goal.  When I write a song, I want to be able to play it on my own with or without a band,” Albino told American Songwriter.

“I never really thought I’d make a record, I guess I didn’t have a bigger plan,” he said.  “At the time I was working on farms which I really loved. It was a good life, playing music was a bonus. And I thought maybe I could do both.  Sometimes I’d be farming then go to the city at night to gig. It really was the best of both worlds for me.  The whole journey of making a record has been a lot of learning, a lot of fun. I’ve been doing things I never thought of.  Now I just trying to figure out my next record.  I feel really lucky to be a musician.”

The origin story behind Albino’s “Klondike Man” is equally as humbling.  Albino wrote the song quite some time ago and has been fleshing it out during gigs, which is the precise way in which the song got its jumpstart.  

“I wrote that one a long time ago.  I had gotten my first gig and I had moved to the city and started playing,” Albino explained.  “I didn’t have very many songs but I wanted to try out music and I didn’t realize when I took this gig it was a three-hour set from 10-1 at a bar.  I only had a handful of songs, so I was like ‘oh man I got to write asap’.  The week before the gig I wrote that song.  It was just about panning for gold and going on an adventure and just making it on your own in the world.”

“Klondike Man” comes to life through Albino’s quintessential bluesy harmonica and emotive verse-chorus style lyrics.  It’s a true resurgence of the most authentic blues brought to life through the eyes of a modern and young, but old-soul artist.  Albino’s representation of a one-man band and classic A/B song structure paired with superb storytelling would astonish his idols.  

“When I first wrote the song, I was so proud, because I had always had a hard time writing songs and this was my third or fourth song ever written,” said Albino.  “To this day performing it just brings me so much joy.  There’s a real feeling I get when I sing the song.”

“When I play with my band, it’s so fun,” Albino added.  “I like to do everything and dance around the stage and really play the songs, and do them right.  Never in my life did I think I’d be up on stage ripping it and now I am.”

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