Priscilla Block Goes Viral on TikTok, Then Takes Over Traditional Charts

While the future of TikTok is undetermined, young artists are still reaping the benefits of the wave-making platform. Priscilla Block managed to garner over 300,000 followers and until this week had yet to break into the industry.

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Her offbeat track “Thick Thighs” captured the attention of fans across the world. The messaging defies the image issues surrounding social media, embracing all body types as beautiful with humor and Gen-Z references like “dad bods.” On Wednesday evening, she unleashed “Just About Over You.” The viral song hits home to listeners everywhere, climbing to number one on the iTunes Country Chart. The single peaked at no. 1 on iTunes All-Genre chart and Apple Music Country streaming.

“Just About Over You’ is about a relationship that you are trying to work through to try and make it out on the other side,” Block explained, adding, “It’s been my life. I’ve had my hardships of moving on and knew I couldn’t be the only one. It’s like a couple steps forward and one step back. Whether that means running into that person, hearing a song that takes you back, a drunk phone call, whatever it is.”

The Raleigh, North Carolina native, said she picked up a guitar one day and started learning Taylor Swift songs. By 15, she started writing her own music and hasn’t stopped. She credits her climb to TikTok, highlighting the authenticity, and luck involved in artist discovery on the app, calling it a “game-changer.” Block emphasized the remarkable talent she’s found on TikTok and insists that the next wave of superstars exist within this realm.

“It’s completely changed my life and has given a small artist like me a shot to shine,” she admitted. “The way the algorithm is set up, anyone can discover you at any time. It’s also so imperfect – there’s no editing the video to make you look like a model. I freaking love that. It’s real. What you see is what you get.”

The emerging artist is undeniably true to herself, and that confidence exudes through music. Her songs emanate authenticity, making others feel they have a place at the table, and someone new to relate to. Comments on YouTube and Instagram praising her talent often come from folks who admittedly are not “country fans.”

“I honestly think it’s because I keep it real,” Block offered about her ability to pull a broad audience into her country-sound. “I call out my BS. I’m not your typical female country singer, or whatever people assume typical is. I try not to fit myself into a box. Hell, I sing about ‘Thick Thighs,” she laughed, explaining, “I like to write about what I know, and there’s no holding back. If I’m the girl to take one for the team singing songs like ‘Thick Thighs’ and ‘PMS,’ I’ll do it. I think the audience that I bring in are open-minded people. I love that.”

Looking ahead, Block has big plans of where this week will take her as an artist. Feeling completely overwhelmed by the pivotal experience, she joked that her first priority is to make it through a day without crying. Once this seemingly-dreamlike reality begins to feel normal, she will continue to give the fans what they want. Her post-pandemic goals include opening for a major artist on tour and headline her own one day.

“Whatever that freaking takes,” the eager artist added, indicating that the music world hasn’t heard the last of it from Priscilla Block.

Listen to her virally-charting single, “Just About Over You” below, and follow along for more to come from Priscilla Block.

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