Know someone who loves, not likes, their guitar? This holiday gift guide is for them

Your friends and family members don’t just like playing guitar, they love it. Like Lucille was to B.B. King, these instruments hold a special place in the heart of their musician. So when you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift, any ol’ present under the tree won’t do. 

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kBut this is not your tyccal gift guide. Ahead, we’re rounding up seven products that were made to be enjoyed by guitar lovers, and guitar lovers only. 

Guitar Cufflinks, $55 available at  

Now the guitar-lovers can wear their passions on their sleeve with this set of bold cufflinks. It’s a vibrant, personal touch to any musician’s Black Tie style. 

Guitar and Pick Holder, $52 available at

Guitars are fragile instruments, and as such, they need to be completely protected when not in use. But instead of hiding them away in a hard case, this dual guitar and pick holder can proudly display them around the home. Correction: it can proudly and securely display them. Hey, safety first! 

Octo Mount, $29.99 available at 

Gone are the days when you needed to print out sheet music, put them on a music stand and flip through the pages as you played along to your favorite songs. Now, all you have to do is pull the tracks up on your iPhone and scroll along. Designed to help keep your smartphones or GoPros in place while you play, the Octo Mount can easily be clipped onto your guitar, as well as bass, drum hoops, keyboards and microphones, to help propel jam sessions into the 21st century. 

Boss RC-1 Loop, $99.99 available at 

Designed with guitarists in mind, this popular loop pedal from Guitar Center makes layering different chords simple and straightforward. All of the looping functions, whether they’re recording, stoping, undoing or redoing songs, are all controlled by the pedal switch, making control of the device a pretty intuitive process. 

Guitar Blueprint Long-Sleeve Tee, $32 available at 

Most graphic tees of the music persuasion are more kitsch than cool. The exception to this is Life is Good’s Guitar Blueprint Tee, which comes with a subtle graphic filled with details mapping out each part of the guitar. It also doesn’t hurt that the shirt is super soft to the touch. 

Rock O2! Print, $18.19 available at 

Prints are an easy way to bring a pop of personality to any living space. And they’re made even better if they remind you of the thing you love most: music. We can just picture this two-toned design from The Old Art Studio livening up a living room as part of a gallery wall, or standing one its own as a decor statement piece. 

Ibanez Powerpad Guitar Bag, $39.99 available at 

Designed to be the be-all, end-all of guitar bags, this carrying case from Ibanez not only can protect your instruments from scratches and bumps while you’re running to a gig, but it can also store a laptop, tablet, strings, guitar picks and any other essentials you’ll need when you’re workshopping music in the studio or playing in front of a live crowd. 

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