Laura Veirs Mines Magic from Forgotten Files for New Album ‘Phone Orphans’

Accomplished singer/songwriter Laura Veirs drew from an unconventional creative well for her thirteenth studio album. Phone Orphans, a collection of songs crafted from saved voice memos, is set for release on November 3 via her label, Raven Marching Band Records.

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The Portland-based folk artist sifted through eight years of cell phone audio files to create the 14 new tracks on Phone Orphans. The project, recorded in her own living room, offers an intimate look into Veirs’ creative mind, giving life to moments and ideas preserved in nearly forgotten files.

“It feels good, on my 50th birthday and after 30 years of writing songs, to bring these ‘Phone Orphans’ into the light,” Veirs shares in a statement. “These songs have been hiding out on my phone, some of them for over eight years. They are about my family, my lovers, and me. I recorded them alone in my living room into my voice memo app. I like their relaxed feel. These songs were mastered, but we made no edits to the recordings. I hope you enjoy this intimate glimpse into my artistic process.”

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Veirs is the lone songwriter on 12 songs, aside from “Up Is a Nice Place to Be,” penned by Rosalie Sorrels, and “The Archers,” featuring lyrics adapted from a work by renowned poet Federico García Lorca. 

The record’s lead heartfelt single, “Rocks of Time,” was released today (September 18) to coincide with the album announcement. The moving track celebrates those who stand by your side through all of life’s unpredictable moments, in good times and bad. According to a press release, “Rocks of Time” was inspired by the singer/songwriter’s “beloved brother and devoted uncle Scott Veirs.”

Phone Orphans is Veirs’ first new full-length release since her captivating 2022 LP Found Light. The 49-year-old talent has been a consistent presence in the indie-folk world since she shared her self-titled debut record in 1999. 

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Veirs has multiple tour dates scheduled in cities across the U.S. and U.K. through the end of the year. You can find a complete list of upcoming performances and additional touring information at Laura Veirs’ official website.

Watch the music video for “Rocks of Time” below:

Phone Orphans Track List:

1. “Creatures of a Day”

2. “If You Could Hold Someone”

3. “Rocks of Time”

4. “Tree Climber”

5. “Up Is a Nice Place to Be”

6. “The Archers”

7. “Tiger Ocean Instrumental”

8. “Smoke Song”

9. “Valentine”

10. “Magnolia Sphere”

11. “Swan Dive”

12. “Next One, Maybe”

13. “Piano Improv”

14. “Beautiful Dreams”

Photo by Shelby Brakken, Courtesy of Chromatic PR

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