Leon Creek Sink Into Soul on “Hope Never Leaves My Side”

Searching for something uplifting in more precarious times, Leon Creek, the Los Angeles trio of Chris Pierce, Matthew Stevens, and producer Erik Janson of Wilding and Left Field Messiah, offers “Hope Never Leaves My Side,” a tale of endurance rooted in some soulful brooding folk.

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“It’s about not giving up on the struggles of life and doing what you can to always search for the light even when overcome with darkness,” shares frontman Pierce of the band’s latest single, following the Americana kindled “Call It A Day” and “Shakes the Ground.”  

“It’s about daring to stand on the edge, walk on fire and fight through the pain,” adds Pierce. “The song is a reminder to anyone out there who’s listening, you are not alone. Do what you can and never let hope leave your side.” 

The good, the bad, and everything in between—all of the emotion—is what songwriting is about for Pierce. “Songwriting for me is always a chance to speak truths in a way that I sometimes have a hard time doing in everyday conversation,” he tells American Songwriter. “It’s also a chance to be empowered by writing a song that folks may sometimes hear and feel and act upon.”

He adds, “I honestly just write what I write. There is no formula to it other than how I’m feeling that day or night. There’s no difference between songs except for growth and change.”

Perfectly in tune, Leon Creek is also a project of soul, and life says Pierce, and one he hopes can empower people. Set to release their debut Far From Broken (Mezcal Road Records) on Sept. 21, Pierce, who also co-wrote the song “We Can Always Come Back To This” featured on the TV series This Is Us and collaborated with Sunny War on War & Piece, is also working on his next solo album, set for release in 2022, and a follow up to American Silence in 2021. 

“My bandmates are two of the most talented and driven people that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with,” says Pierce. “They are true visionaries and I’m honored to make music together.”

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