Pat Reedy Serves Up Honest New Track “Nashville Tennessee at 3AM”

Photo by Wilde Company

People move to Nashville every day hoping to find fame and fortune. Few actually find it, though, a phenomenon Pat Reedy explores in his new song “Nashville Tennessee at 3AM.”

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The track is off Reedy’s forthcoming album That’s All There Is, due out via Muddy Roots Records on April 6. With lyrics like, “Everyone’s an outlaw until the cocaine wears off / The only thing that’s cheap in these bars is talk,” the track tempers its brutal honesty with crystalline pedal steel and Reedy’s unflappable baritone vocals.

“That song is about a few things,” Reedy says. “Part of it is the specific feeling of being in a tourist area while it closes for the night, show over. The other part is that people really come here with a lot of dreams of becoming famous, it’s kind of insane really. Also the word ‘outlaw’ getting thrown around a lot. What does that even mean, you know? We all pick our own band members now. It’s not the old days.”

Listen to “Nashville Tennessee at 3AM” below.

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