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Caroline Acree: Operations Director (2012-present)

I remember my first day at American Songwriter as an intern. I’d been instructed to answer the phone and respond to a few emails while most everyone was out for lunch. Moments later, two scruffy guys walked in the front door. “We’re here to see Caine.”  I pointed them in the right direction and not long after, I was invited to join their intimate office session. These two scruffy guys were the Milk Carton Kids, and although I thought I knew a thing or two about music, my love for the art of songwriting has never been the same. I’ve moved on from my internship and have found a family within this office. Each day brings a new sound, a new challenge, a new source of inspiration. My first day humbled me as a silent audience member sitting on a cracked wooden floor, listening to those dueling guitars. American Songwriter has only continued to teach me more about the craft of music and importance of songwriting, far beyond what I ever expected.

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