Review: The Bacon Brothers Serve Up Quality Music on ‘Erato’

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 3.5 Out of Five Stars

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Although the sometimes fractious relationship that exists between siblings — Ala Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks, Don and Phil Everly, and that turbulent twosome, Noel and Liam Gallagher — the brotherly bond ultimately makes for great music. The Bacon Brothers, Kevin and Michael offer an ideal example of what can result when two talented individuals who share the same gene pool share their skills and create a lengthy resume, that now includes ten albums and nearly a quarter-century of combined activity.  It’s served to supplement their day jobs, given that Kevin is an award-winning actor with a lengthy film, stage, and television resume, and Michael has earned his own kudos as a skilled songwriter and Emmy-winning composer.

Their latest outing, a five-song EP entitled Erato, offers only a small sampling of the Bacons’ wares, and yet it also points out the obvious, that indeed, their proclivity leans towards pure pop. Although the opening track, “In Memory (Of When I Cared)” takes them further afield with the solid sound and a decided stomp, they quickly return to a tuneful template courtesy of the songs that follow. “Dark Chocolate Eyes” belies its somewhat unlikely title courtesy of its sway and shimmer. “Let Me Happen To You” offers a bubbly rhythm that allows them to pick up the pace courtesy of a decidedly playful yet pleading perspective. The title tune hits on all counts, keeping the upbeat attitude with an emphatic melody that makes a decided impression on the initial encounter. 

That said, they save the most sobering selection for last. Contrary to the scenario suggested by its title, “Karaoke Town” comes across as a darkly determined ballad, a narrative of a forlorn wannabe shared from an unusually plaintive perspective. It ends the EP on a downcast note but doesn’t detract from the overall allure. Inevitably, the Bacons don’t breach any boundaries but the quality stays consistent.

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The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers Keep Evolving with New EP, ‘Erato’